Aviation expert told about the intentional destruction of the missing flight MH370

The representative of the Australian Bureau of Transport Security Martin Dolan, who participated in the search for the missing flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines, announced the intentional destruction of the liner. According to him, the hijacking of the Boeing 777 was a planned operation of the aircraft commander. The specialist voiced his position on the television show 60 Minutes Australia. 

Dolan dismissed the version about the seizure of the liner by terrorists: “If this was a terrorist attack, the terrorist organization would almost certainly take responsibility. But no one did . ” Thus, the aviation expert came to the only remaining option, taking into account the available information: the plane was hijacked by the commander Zakhari Ahmad Shah. Similar assumptions of aviation specialists have been before.

– He wanted to kill himself. Unfortunately, he also killed everyone on board and did it on purpose. There is no reason not to believe that the pilot did not depressurize the passenger compartment in order to shut off the passengers, – said Larry Vance, a Canadian expert. Moreover, the expert found an explanation for the disappearance of the aircraft from the radar: according to him, the FAC flew a lot in that region and knew the boundaries of the locators and the area of ​​responsibility of the dispatchers.

Another expert, the Boeing 777 pilot-instructor Simon Hardy, adheres to the same opinion about the causes of the incident: “I think someone controlled the flight to the end. The goal was to hide the vessel as far as possible from civilization . ” Because of this, the search operation and finding out the true causes of the disaster was greatly complicated. It is assumed that the commander of the aircraft committed suicide because of family problems.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 operated a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on the night of March 8, 2014. The plane disappeared from the radar soon after takeoff. There were 239 people on board, all of whom were found dead. Earlier it was reported about the discovery of several fragments of the aircraft and personal belongings of the passengers, but it is still unknown where exactly the Boeing 777 crashed and in what area there are fragments with the remains of the victims.

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