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The media wrote about the “demolition of the sports complex” Olympic “.” However, this is a planned reconstruction.

First of all, sports facilities will be redone, and the facade and the square will remain the same.

In Moscow, the reconstruction of the sports complex “Olympic”, which was built in 1980 for the Olympics, began. The last 40 years there have been sports events, but also the biggest music concerts of world stars – Guns N ‘Roses, Pink Floyd or Depeche Mode.

Part of the Russian media wrote that on March 2, the demolition of the “Olympic” began:

However, the reconstruction of the “Olympic” became known in December 2017. The Kievskaya Square Group of Companies acquired a sports complex and planned to invest up to $ 400 million in its development. The stadium was closed for sporting events on January 1, 2019, the festive “Yolki” took place until mid-January, and the pool will run until summer.

The new owners noted that the historical facades will remain the same, and they want to overhaul the area with shops and sports facilities. A multifunctional transformer room with a new speaker system will appear in the concert area.

After the reconstruction, the sports part of the Olympic will include an aquapark, a center for extreme sports, an indoor skating rink, a recreation and rehabilitation complex, swimming and jumping pools. Reconstruction plan to finish in two years.

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