Spotify is close to the exit in Russia – in the application for Android has appeared Russian language

The music service was also recently launched in India, which local fans have long asked for.

Users of the music service Spotify on Android noticed that in early March, the application partially switched to Russian. This was told by the reader, as well as the readers of the thematic forum w3bsit3-dns.com. Source confirmed that the launch of the application in Russia will be held in the spring of 2019.

Many Russian users use Spotify via VPN: they create a foreign account, for example, American or Canadian, and listen to music through it. In recent days, the English-language interface has changed to Russian: the names “All playlists”, “All profiles” and others have appeared.

In March 2018, the general director of Spotify said that the company is working on launching a music service in the world’s largest markets with a “rich musical culture,” including Russia, India and Africa. In February 2019, the application was launched for Indian users: their regional price is lower than in the US – 119 rupees per month subscription (about 110 rubles at the exchange rate).

Spotify has already planned to launch a streaming platform on the Russian market in 2015, but the economic crisis has prevented it. However, the legal entity Spotifay LLC remained active. In 2016, Vedomosti reported that the company had planned a second launch attempt in Russia.

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