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Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs presented a draft list of potentially dangerous dogs

It included 69 breeds, among which are those used for baiting.

German Shepherd Getty Images

The Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted a draft decree, which defines a list of potentially dangerous dogs. The document was published on the federal portal ofregulatory legal acts.

The list offered to include 69 breeds, including their hybrids and mestizos, possessing “genetically determined qualities of aggression and strength”.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified that the list includes breeds “used for harassment, and indigenous breeds that did not select for loyalty to humans”.

According to the explanatory note, potentially dangerous dogs are “dogs of certain breeds, their hybrids and other dogs that pose a potential danger to human life and health.” Walking such dogs is prohibited without a leash and a muzzle, except for walking on a private, fenced territory.

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