“Oscar-2019”: the main points of the awards ceremony Film Academy

Plush rabbits, misleading the speech of Olivia Coleman and tribute to Queen.

“Um … Good.”

Spike Lee put on the rings with the words “Hate” and “Love.”

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Amy Poeler decided to abandon the dress in favor of a tuxedo.

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In the nomination “The best dress” definitely won the actor Billy Porter from the series “Pose” – so decided on Twitter.

“Billy Porter won the red carpet before it even began”

“Billy Porter won in the nomination” Best Dress “”

Opening ceremony without lead

Former stars of Saturday Night Live (“Saturday Night Live”) Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph have announced nominees in the category “Best Supporting Actress”. They joked about the lack of a permanent presenter on the show, as a category of popular films or the wall with Mexico.

Twitter users have suggested that they could conduct the entire ceremony.

“A crazy idea: let Maya, Tina and Amy do the whole show, learning how talented and funny they are?”

Wall with mexico

Javier Bardem, in Spanish, lunged toward Trump and said that “no walls can hold talent.” He announced the nominees in the category “Best film in a foreign language.” The statuette was taken by the Mexican Alfonso Cuaron with the “Roma” ribbon, shot in Spanish.

“Javier Bardem destroys a wall on the border in Spanish!”

Dress with rabbits

Brian Tyree Henry and Melissa McCarthy announced the winner in the nomination “The Best Costume Design” in the craziest attire at the ceremony. On the dress of the actress plush bunnies were sewn – a reference to the main character, “Favorite”. Twitter suggested that they should have won an Oscar for the best costumes.

“Melissa McCarthy is a late contender for the best mantle at the Oscars”

“So, stop the show, it’s over, nothing better will happen.”

Gentleman chris

On Twitter, they saw how Chris Evans helped the winner in the category “Best Supporting Actress” Regina King climb onto the stage so that she would not stumble over the dress.

“Chris Evans accompanies the Oscar-winning Regina King to the stage so she doesn’t stumble. Love”

“Chris Evans helps to get on stage to Regina King? Hello! Hallo, 911, reporting a theft. Victim? My heart

Brian singer ignored

Bohemian Rhapsody received four statuettes, but no one thanked the director and producer of the film Brian Singer after being charged with harassment .

This was noticed in social networks.

“Bohemian Rhapsody won in the category Best Editing because they skillfully pretended that Brian Singer did not make the film”

“Oh my god, it’s an amazing coincidence that none of the Bohemian Rhapsodies teams mentioned director Brian Singer. I wonder why?”

Short film about menstruation

The award for the best documentary feature film received the film “Point. End of sentence ”(Period. End Of Sentence). The title of the tape contains a play on words – the period is translated as “period”, and as “menstruation”. The filmmakers struggle with the prejudices that have developed around menstruation in the third world countries, especially in India. The director Raika Zekhtabchi issued one of the best quotes of the night.

Oh my God! I do not pay because I have a period. I just can not believe that the film about menstruation just took an Oscar.

Raika Zehtabchi

“This is a speech! Point”

First Oscar Spike Lee

Spike Lee was nominated five times for the Academy of Cinema Award, but for the first time he took the statuette for the script of the Black Clanovean, except for the honorary Oscar. The Academy gives this award to celebrate the achievements of filmmakers who do not fall into any of the categories. In his speech, he recalled the past and honored the month of African American history in February. Lee paid tribute to his grandmother, who, he said, had been saving up for 50 years for her grandson’s education.

The director also touched on the topic of the 2020 presidential election with a reference to his film “Do as it should.”

Soon the presidential election of 2020. Let’s unite, let’s stand on the right side of the story. Make a moral choice between love and hate. Let’s do it right!

Spike lee

Also on Twitter have appreciated the celebration of Spike Lee.

“Spike Lee helped Samuel L. Jackson get the first movie role. / Today Sam gave Spike his first Oscar

“One of the best moments of tonight is Samuel L. Jackson’s sincere joy for Spike Lee when he opened [this] envelope”

Best way out

American comedian Keegan-Michael Ki entered the room in the spirit of the nanny from the film “Mary Poppins Returns” nominated for an Oscar.

“Keegan-michael ki really knows how to effectively appear”

Musical numbers

At the opening ceremony, Adam Lambert performed “We Will Rock” along with the line-up of Queen.

The song “Shallow” from the film “Star was born” received an Oscar. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper took the stage and performed it together.

The first nomination and the first Oscar

Remy Malek became the first winner of the Oscar from Egypt. The actor received a statuette for the best male role. In a speech of appreciation, he spoke about his Egyptian roots, recalled the importance of diversity in cinema and paid tribute to Freddie Mercury.

““ I am the son of immigrants from Egypt. I am a first generation American. ” Winner in the nomination “Best Actor” asks for greater representation in the films in his speech of thanks “

Throughout the ceremony, the actor’s colleagues tried to fix his bow tie, but Remy still came out with an accessory that was unevenly arranged

Everyone tried to fix Rami Malek’s butterfly, but …”

After his speech, the actor fell when he came down from the stage, and he even needed medical assistance

“Why no one talks about how Remi Malek fell off the stage after his thank-you speech, and he was called by paramedics?”

Impromptu speech is the best speech

“Favorite” received ten Academy Award nominations, but the only statuette was taken by Olivia Coleman. The British actress cried and laughed a lot, thanked rivals Glenn Close and Lady Gaga, as well as her colleagues Emma Stone and Rachel Weiss, “the two most beautiful women in the world to fall in love with. In the picture, their heroines seduce the Queen of England, whose role was played by Coleman.

This is really exciting. Hilarious. I got an Oscar. […] Glenn Close, you have been my idol for so long. I didn’t want it to happen. I think you are wonderful and love you very much. […] Thanks to my children, who are now watching the [ceremony] at home. If you do not [watch], well done. But I hope to watch. This is definitely not going to happen.

Olivia Coleman

“Look at the charming thank-you speech of shocked Olivia Coleman [after winning] in the nomination“ Best Actress ””

Find a girl who will support you just as Emma Stone supports Olivia Coleman on the Oscars”

PS Musician “Strange El” Jankovic predicted almost all the winners of the award – he was mistaken only in the nomination “The best female role”

Why wait? Congratulations to the Oscar laureates: Rami Malek, Glenn Close, Mahershala Ali, Regina King and Alfonso Cuarona!

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