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Manchester United and Porto beat out opponents from the Champions League after a penalty, appointed using VAR technology

Two teams went straight to the quarter-finals of the main football club tournament thanks to a new video help system.

The video help system for the referees (VAR) helped two teams, the British Manchester United and the Portuguese Porto, get past rivals in the UEFA Champions League 1/8 final. The technology, which was included in the football rules in 2018, is used in the tournament from the current season.

March 6, “MJ” won away French PSG with a score of 3: 1 and was stronger in the sum of two matches (in the first Parisians won 2: 0). The judge appointed the decisive for the “United” penalty in the 90th minute of the match, already in injury time. The reason was the play by the hand of Presnel Kimpemba – after hitting the ball hit him in the elbow.

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The arbitrator appointed a penalty not immediately: at first he put the corner, but after the help of assistants he ran out of the field and watched the video repetition several times. The decision of the judge was the most discussed event of the day, because it predetermined the outcome of the confrontation.

Penalty by Markus Rashford

A less resonant, but very similar incident occurred in the match Porto and the Italian Roma. In the main time, it ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of the Portuguese, which translated the game into extra time – the first Romans won with the same score.

At 117 minutes, three minutes before the end of the time and the start of the penalty shoot-out, the judge ordered an 11-meter shot at the Roma goal. He watched the video replay and confirmed that the defender Alessandro Florenz grabbed Porto’s t-shirt for a player during a lumbago.

Video replay

The Portuguese realized a penalty and saved the winning score until the end of the meeting.

Alex Telles penalty shootout

The VAR system remains one of the most talked about innovations in football. However, in early March, the International Football Association Council, which madefurther changes to the rules, praised the work of video replay technology and noted the need for its development.

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