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In the US, saved two girls lost in the woods. They spent there 44 hours.

They were followed by the National Guard, dog handlers and local law enforcement agencies.

Photo by Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department (Humboldt)

March 3, 2019, search and rescue teams discovered two girls lost in the forest of Minnesota. The children spent 44 hours in the wild – they were found two kilometers from home. This was reported by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department (Humboldt).

On March 1, eight-year-old Leia and five-year-old Caroline Carrico (Leia and Caroline Carrico) played near the house. Mom forbade them to go out without adults, the girls did not listen to her. After some time, the parents found them disappearing and called the police. 250 people joined the search for girls, including the National Guard and the district fire brigade.

“During the search, we found traces of shoes in the woods and a few wrappers from muesli, the girls’ mother confirmed that she bought them a few days ago,” said rescuers. The girls said they went to the forest on the trail of a deer and got lost. They stopped on the spot, took refuge and drank water from the leaves of blueberries.

County Sheriff William Honsal called it a miracle. “This is a difficult territory, these are extreme conditions. It’s amazing that they spent 44 hours in the forest, ”he added. The girls found dehydration and slight fright.

On January 28, 2019, three-year-old Casey Hathaway was found missing in the woods. According to the boy, he was helped to survive by a bear who guarded him for two days. Casey found on a small island.

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