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Founder of fashion brand Ted Baker resigned due to allegations of compulsion to hugs and ear massage

The company began an internal investigation.

Ray Kelvin Photo: Daman

CEO and founder of the fashionable British clothing brand Ted Baker Ray Kelvin voluntarily resigned. He was accused of inappropriate behavior in relation to other employees of the company. The letter of resignation was published on the FE Investegate website. It says that Kelvin rejected all charges. It is also reported that he will not receive severance pay and bonuses for the last three years of work.

According to Ted Baker employees, Kelvin hugged people against their will and pestered young company employees. During Kelvin’s vacation in December 2018, they created a petition asking them to stop the company’s harassment. The authors of the petition clarified that there are many“Really positive moments, but they are often overshadowed by” hugs “as well as inappropriate touches and comments.

The staff also claimed that their previous statements about the misconduct of the head of the company were constantly ignored by the responsible persons. Although they have repeatedly reported that Kelvin regularly makes sexual hints and strokes the necks of employees. According to the author of the petition, Kelvin once took off his shirt and talked about his sex life. Other staff reported that Kelvin sometimes asked them to sit on his lap or allow him to massage his ears.

In response to the allegations, company management stated that“Hugs are part of Ted Baker’s culture, but not at all mandatory”. The company also announced the start of an internal investigation into the allegations.

Ray Kelvin founded Ted Baker in 1988, opening the first store in Glasgow, Scotland. Subsequently, the network has grown to England, as well as the United States, Canada and Europe. Now Ted Baker has 550 outlets worldwide, and annual sales ofnearly 600 million pounds.


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