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BuzzFeed printed and distributed on the streets of New York a newspaper about the Internet and memes. It even has a gif

On the cover was placed Momo.

On March 6, BuzzFeed released its first print newspaper exclusively for New York. Editor-in-chief Ben Smith (Ben Smith) and marketing director Ben Kaufman (Ben Kaufman) distributed copies to people in city parks and squares.

The 12-page newspaper, which has a circulation of 20 thousand copies, included the story of the recent scandal with the Internet horror story Momo, tips on living in New York, recommendations for serial marathons and comparison of expensive and cheap steaks.

“Take the BuzzFeed newspaper in New York today with all the best from the Internet without the Internet!”

The company made a comic statement: “BuzzFeed, who was born in the era of the Internet and social networks, is testing the new technology called“ print ”and presenting the only special edition of BuzzFeed with the latest news and your favorite content.

On the last page, the edition printed coupons of companies that also appeared on the Internet, including Ritual, Burrow, Jet, Frank and Oak, Casper and Tarte Cosmetics. According to Kaufman, the editors will track the redemption codes to see if the newspaper has taken advantage of the success.

This is just an unexpected fun experiment. Our best brands and strategies began with the same small sudden pieces.

Ben kaufman
BuzzFeed Marketing Director

The newspaper also published a gif with actress Glenn Close, who looks at Billy Porter at the Oscars .

“I am sure that BuzzFeed is the first edition that printed a gif in a newspaper. We are geniuses. ”

Residents of New York began to post photos on the social network with the content of the printed edition.

“Real journalists hand out a special edition of the BuzzFeed newspaper in Union Square! Come and get a copy from Ben Smith and [reporter] Dominic Holden ”

“This BuzzFeed newspaper is hilarious. 1. A page with local features of New York especially hit the nail. I wish I could look at it when I first moved to the city. 2. The citation with the condemnation of the publication goes well with the content about Momo ”

“This morning someone gave me a BuzzFeed newspaper in Union Square. It turns out we can make Momo stylish. ”

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