“WALL-E” and Kim Jong-un: a hole for the front camera in the Samsung Galaxy S10 as a source of inspiration

Why hide an atypical cutout on the case, if it can be underlined with wallpaper.

Photo by Roman Yakubenko

February 20, Samsung introduced two smartphones – the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. One of the main features of the flagships was the location of the selfie camera: instead of the already familiar “bangs”, a hole appeared on the front panel. At the same time, in the “older” version of the model, two front cameras appeared at once.

The unusual cutout for the front camera inspired people who are engaged in creating wallpaper for smartphones. Twitter user Matt B posted a series of pictures where a hole in the front panel is played up with the help of different characters. For example, the robot “Johnny 5” from the movie “Short Circuit” and the Mars rover Curiosity.

A few days later, the famous techno-blogger Marquez Brownlee boasted a similar picture, where the front cameras “replaced” the eyes of Bendera from Futurama.

Brownley’s followers showed a few more examples from WALL-E and The Ugly Me.

Someone joked that the Galaxy S + dual front camera is very similar to the position of the main cameras of iPhones.

One of the most popular was the option with the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.

About the regular version of the Galaxy S10 is also not forgotten.

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