“The news is fast, like a knockout”: Habib Nurmagomedov became the official ambassador of the Russian Toyota

Against the background of the story with the play in Dagestan – not everyone liked this in social networks.

Photo  @toyotarussia

On February 25, the mixed martial arts fighter and UFC champion Habib Nurmagomedov signed a cooperation agreement with Toyota, becoming its official ambassador. The automaker and Nurmagomedov himself reported thisin their Instagram accounts.

The press service of the auto company specified that the athlete will take part in the events and advertising campaigns of the brand, and the Toyota logo will be placed on the fighter’s outfit. In the framework of cooperation, Habib will drive a new generation Toyota Camry.

Toyota Motors president Shuji Suga said that it’s very important for the company that “this honored athlete not only has the same-mindedness and strong character as the company, but also is the real owner of Toyota cars”

Now I have officially become an ambassador for Toyota Russia. Strength, calm and confidence in victory – this is what unites me and Toyota cars.

Habib Nurmagomedov
UFC champion and ambassador Toyota

On the news drew attention on Twitter due to the fact that on February 25 Nurmagomedov achieved the cancellation of the performance in Dagestan, where a half-naked actress appeared.

Cyril Vorobyev, the author of The Executioner, was outraged by this decision, and Twitter users noted that the company supported “Islamic fundamentalism and censorship” with its decision.

Perhaps, Toyota is glad that in Russia it will be represented by an athlete who calls people “devils”, “creatures” and “cockerels”. […] If I were in the place of a brand, I would not want the person who behaves in social networks to be the face of my company. He too often initiates scandals.

Kirill Vorobev
the author of the publication “The Executioner”

In a conversation with the radio station Govorit Moscow, a Toyota representative clarified that the company does not share the views of Nurmagomedov.

The athlete’s personal convictions are the athlete’s personal convictions. You can learn about the reasons for our cooperation with him from the official press release of the company.

Toyota representative
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