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Nurmagomedov criticized the play with a half-naked actress in Dagestan. Producer staged apologized

The author of the statement said that the bed scene is part of the work, which is shown worldwide.

After the publication of Nurmagomedov, the producer of the production, Ivan Zhidkov, offered a public apology for “unintentionally insulting the Dagestan viewer.” He stressed that the classic Italian play is shown around the world “for many years.” Zhidkov noted that the bedding scene is a full-fledged part of the work, the authors of which did not suspect that it would cause such a resonance.

Direct littered with threats. I understand, this is the answer to our unintentional insult, but still. Every nation has its own traditions and foundations and we respect them, but we did not take into account that everything is so strict. What happened, I think will make you think about censorship, many who want to organize a concert or a performance in Dagestan.

Ivan Zhidkov
producer of the play “Hunting for Men”

The press service of the Ministry of Culture of Dagestan told the publication “Region online” that the “House of Friendship” – the site where they showed the play – they are not under the jurisdiction.

If an event is held privately in this building, we are not informed. We do not have any authority to evaluate what is happening not in our institutions. As a citizen cannot be responsible for what is happening in his neighbors at home, we cannot answer for this either.

Press Service of the Ministry of Culture of Dagestan

On February 26, Nurmagomedov published a new post in which he called on the government of Dagestan to conduct an investigation. He stated that the performance is a direct insult to the inhabitants of the region.

Why is the power of Dagestan silent, where are the deputies of the national assembly, where are the heads of districts, where are the deputies and the ministers themselves? Be a man, at least someone speak out.

And I want to appeal to the government of Dagestan, if you think that everything will end on posts in social networks, then you are mistaken, take action on time.

Habib Nurmagomedov

“Hunting for Men” – a play by Vladimir Motashnev. The plot of the production is built around a married girl who “in pursuit of keenness of feelings” meets a young intellectual, after which “real chaos” begins in his life.

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