LG introduced its response to the trend of flexible screens – V50 smartphone with a separate snap-on display

The second display is in the case, you can add it if necessary.

V50 supports Dual Screen technology, which allows you to use the connected screen simultaneously with the main one. The Verge editor Vlad Savov, who tested the two screens on the MWC demonstration stand, had mixed impressions.

The journalist noted that the demand for such solutions is clearly on the market, but he did not like the implementation of the technology. According to Savov, the screens differ from each other in color temperature and viewing angles, while LG spoils the experience of using the Dual Screen with its software.

At the same time, the author failed to find problems with image delay. Although the price and date of the start of sales of the V50 are still unknown, according to Savov, it is unlikely to be as high as that of competitors with flexible screens.

February 20, Samsung introduced its first smartphone with a flexible screen Galaxy Fold. The bend in the middle of the device allows you to fold it two of the tablet size and turn it into a regular smartphone. The device will start selling from April 26 at a price of 2 thousand dollars (about 140 thousand rubles).

On February 24, Huawei introduced its smartphone with a flexible screen Mate X. Its bend is also located in the middle, but the device consists of only one screen, and not two, as is the case with Samsung. Its sales will begin in 2019 at a price of 2,300 euros (about 170 thousand rubles).

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