HBO has released the documentary on pedophilia Michael Jackson. This is the testimony of two victims who previously defended the artist

Family and fans of the artist accused the authors of “Leaving Netlandia” in demonstrating a one-sided position.

Shot from documentary “Leaving Netlandia” Photo by Sundance
Shot from documentary “Leaving Netlandia” Photo by Sundance

On March 3 and 4, HBO released two parts of a four-hour documentary film by British director Dan Reed “Leaving Neverland”. The tape tells the story of two men who said that the musician had corrupted them for several years. The tape premiered at the Sundance Festival on January 24th.

Since 1993, Michael Jackson has denied sexual abuse of children. His relatives denied the new charges, called the film an attack on the musician and sued HBO. Radio BBC refused to broadcast the artist’s songs. After the premiere of the tape, Jackson’s fans on Twitter criticized the picture and called the men liars. But some responded to what they saw with disgust and anxiety.

“Leaving Netlandia”

The heroes of the documentary “Leaving Netlandia” are 40-year-old James Safechuck and 36-year-old choreographer Wade Robson. The first met Jackson at the age of 10, and the other at 7. Men described in detail meetings with a star on his Netlandia ranch in California, where they were systematically sexually abused. Their parents talked about how they did not notice what was happening with the children.

Trailer for the documentary “Leaving Netlandia”

In “Leaving Netlandia” are archived records of telephone conversations Jackson with children and their families. The tape also tells about the influence of the singer on the lives of families and the consequences that men had to face in adult life. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the film director stated that neither Robson nor Seyfchak received any monetary compensation for participating in the filming.

Children and parents attracted fame Jackson

Wade Robson was a fan of Michael Jackson and at the age of 5 won a dance contest. In 1989, when he was 7, the boy met with his idol and spoke at his concert. Soon, the mother, along with her son and daughter, moved to Los Angeles from Australia, since Jackson promised to make Wade a star.

When Wade’s family first arrived at the Netlandia ranch, Jackson suggested the boy spend the night in his bedroom. At night, Robson heard the cry of his idol: “I am so sad that you leave me. I do not want to be alone. I do not want you to leave. ” The next morning, the boy wanted to stay in “Netlandia” while his relatives travel around America. He lived with Michael for five days, and his grandmother thought that the artist would teach his grandson to dance.

Michael Jackson and James Seyfchak on the 1988 tour of HBO Photo

James Seyfchak met with Jackson on the Pepsi commercial in 1988 when he was 10 years old. Soon the musician took an interview with him, presented a jacket from the video “Thriller” and invited to tour as a dancer. James’s mother told me that she met celebrities, flew first class, and drove in limousines. She was amazed at the luxurious life.

At first, the mother did not allow her son to remain in Michael’s room, but James implored her. Soon, according to Seifchak, he spent every night in the musician’s hotel room. Her mother recalled that as the tour went on, she was given numbers farther from the room where her son spent the night with Jackson.

Everyone wanted to meet Michael or spend time with him. He was already incredibly famous. And suddenly he pays attention to you.

James seyfchak
the man accusing Jackson of harassment

Indications about the corruption of children in the “Netlandii”

California’s Noland Ranch is Jackson’s estate with an arcade, amusement park, exotic animals, train station and private cinema. Men who stayed there as a child speak of a playground as an ideal place to stay away from their parents. The Robson and Seifchak families were offered rooms in the guest house, which was located away from the main mansion where the boys lived.

James told about the places on the ranch where Jackson allegedly corrupted him – in the bedroom closet behind several doors, in the office of a private cinema, in a house with musician’s memorabilia, in the attic, in the castle, in a room above the station. The artist also installed a system of bells around the house, which informed him about the approach of adults.

Railway station in the estate “Netlandiya” Photo Getty

Seifchak’s mother told how once she knocked on the closed door of the bedroom: she was discovered by Jackson, who assured that she did not lock. Her son at this time lay dressed in bed. Then she suspected nothing.

Details from victims of sexual abuse

Robson and Seyfchak talked about similar experiences they had with Jackson. According to the men, he asked them to get up on all fours, rub his nipples, have oral sex, showed pornography and offered alcohol. The film’s heroes claim that the violence continued for years.

In the early days, he tried to make physical contact with me. He touched my knee, hugged me. It was wonderful. Of all the children in the world, he chose me as his friend. And holding my hand. In this context, his actions seemed normal. We played catch up, watched movies. He taught me the moon walk.

Then I began to notice the contrast between day and night. We were going to sleep in his bed. The first thing I remember is how Michael ran his hands over my legs. We were wearing pajamas. Then his hands got to my crotch. And he began to stroke her over his pants. Then his hands reached into my pants. He began to touch my penis. It was not aggressive, not rude. I was not scared. It did not seem so strange. Then he taught me to do the same with him.

He told me that God brought us together. He said that this way we show each other our love.

Wade robson
the man accusing Jackson of harassment

According to Seyfchak, the violence began during Jackson’s European tour.

In Paris, he introduced me to masturbation. So it began. He said: “I will show you something that everyone is doing. You really like it. ” He seemed to be teaching me something new.

French kisses and kisses of different parts of the body turned into kisses of the genitals. […] I woke up one day, and Michael told me that he had oral sex with me while I was sleeping.

James seyfchak
the man accusing Jackson of harassment

Robson said that in 1994, Jackson tried to rape him. The next day, the artist called him into the studio and asked where the underwear had gone since last night. Wade replied that he did not remember. Then the musician sent the boy home: “You have to find him. There could be blood there. If so, throw it out. ” Robson said he found panties with a couple of drops of blood and threw them in the trash.

The victims said about the manipulations and threats from Jackson

The musician spent hours on the phone with James and Wade and called their relatives. He stayed overnight in their poor houses. According to the mothers, they believed that Jackson just wanted to make friends with them.

Robson said that Jackson convinced him that no one could be trusted, especially women. The musician told him that no one should find out about their connection: “If they find out about the sexual things, then we will part. We will never see each other again. We will go to prison until the end of our days. ”

Michael Jackson with Wade Robson’s family HBO Photos

According to Seifchak, Jackson forced him to dress quickly and silently in case someone entered their room. The musician said that their lives will end if someone finds out everything. Seifchak said that they were eavesdropping on his mother’s father’s conversation — parents often quarreled at the time. Jackson told him: “You see how rude your mother is. Look how wicked all women are. ” James said: “You start thinking that your parents are bad, and Michael is good.”

In the film, Seifchak showed a jewelry box that he received as a gift from Jackson. He said that in stores they pretended to choose a ring for an adult girl, and James tried them on his finger, which looked like a girl’s.

We lived like a married couple. We had a comic wedding ceremony in his bedroom. We read the oaths. It seemed as if we were bound forever. […] He handed me a wedding ring with a diamond – then I liked the jewelry.

He gave me jewels for doing lecherous actions with him.

James seyfchak
the man accusing Jackson of harassment

Victims denied Jackson sexual abuse during the 1993 and 2005 scandals

The first scandal with Jackson’s accusations of pedophilia occurred in 1993. The father of a 12-year-old boy, Jordan Chandler, threatened to divulge information that the musician had harassed his son. The artist made a deal with his family for $ 23 million the day before he was to be charged. 15-year-old Seyfchak and 11-year-old Robson on television declared the innocence of a musician.

Michael asked me to cheat. That’s exactly what I did. I lied.

I feel no guilt for not telling the truth. I had no other choice.

Wade robson
the man accusing Jackson of harassment

In 2003, Jackson was charged with molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo, a cancer patient, and kidnapping a child and threatening his family. The musician was acquitted due to the lack of material evidence. Macaulay Culkin, who spent his childhood with an artist, and 22-year-old Wade Robson testified in favor of the artist. Both said they had not been sexually abused by Jackson. Seifchak, 27, refused to testify.

Robson claimed that he asked his parents to be absent from participation in the trial. When his mother asked if Jackson had harassed him, he could not tell the truth. According to Robson, he wanted to protect the artist: “I dreamed that Michael was in prison, as he was beaten there. I still loved him. ”

I did not understand that sexual contacts between me and Michael were violent. I did not realize that I was in pain because of them. I did not understand how they influenced me.

Wade robson
the man accusing Jackson of harassment

Robson explained that only after the birth of his son in 2012, he began to understand what had happened to him. In 2013, he filed a lawsuit against the Jackson family – Seyfchak joined the lawsuit. Due to the expiration of the statute of limitations, the court rejected the claim, but in 2018 he was sent on appeal.

Jackson family speaks against charges of Seifchak and Robson

On January 26, 2019, after the premiere of the film at the Sundance Festival, the musician’s relatives said that the filmmakers had exposed the unconfirmed charges 20 years ago as fact. According to them, since Saifchak and Robson, under oath, denied Jackson’s harassment, they cannot say the opposite. The artist’s family indicated that they did not provide any evidence to support their charges.

The filmmakers are not interested in the truth. They did not interview any of the people Michael knew, except for two false witnesses and their families.

from the statement of the Jackson family

Jackson’s nephew, Taj, embarked on the active protection of his uncle in his twitter.

““ Leaving Netlandia ”is the Fyre festival from the world of documentaries. You have a big name, blue check marks for promotion, distribution in social networks. All of this is ruled by a scammer. And just like the Fyre festival, the film is largely dependent on the credulity of the public, which is willing to believe a lie. ”

On February 22, the Jackson family sued HBO. They claimed that the film violated the 1992 contract about the broadcast conditions of the Jackson concert from the “Dangerous” tour. Then the tour was canceled , but the contract remained in force. Relatives of the musician made a claim for $ 100 million and asked not to put it in an unfavorable light. Channel refused to carry the premiere tape.

On March 3, the Jackson family uploaded a concert from Bucharest to YouTube. The Deadline suggested that in this way they are trying to divert attention from the HBO project. Jackson’s official Twitter announced the broadcast of the concert from Wembley, scheduled for March 4, but it never took place.

“Don’t miss the magic from the King of Pop himself! Immerse yourself in [music] Michael Jackson! A live concert from Bucharest and Wembley Stadium will be available for a limited time on YouTube. ”

In social networks, the documentary reacted ambiguously

Fans of the musician tweeted the hashtag #MJInnosent (Michael Jackson innocent) and argued for the innocence of the artist, called the victims liars, and the film – fiction.

“In the documentary, R Kelly showed victims, a family, an ex-wife, his inner circle, workers, psychologists, journalists and even his music teacher. However, there were only two alleged victims and their families in “Leaving Netlandia”

“Wade Robson confessed in court that Michael had not been molested before him. He changed his mind and sued his family in 2013, four years after Jackson died. He lose. Now we are leaving Netherlands with a one-sided story because Michael Jackson cannot protect himself from the grave. ”

“Michael Jackson was under investigation for more than 10 years (tapped phones, browsed computers), and they found nothing. Ask yourself if the dark-skinned policemen would let them hide from responsibility for such terrible crimes? ”

“This documentary piece of shit“ Leaving Netlandia ”is so inconclusive. HBO and everyone involved should be ashamed. Go grab Roman Polanski or Woody Allen. Well, you know, for the guys who are actually pedophiles and are still alive. ”
But some said they believed Robson and Seyfchak, and remembered the old Jackson trials.

“After watching all four hours of“ Leaving Netlandia ”and remembering both vessels, it is obvious to me that Michael Jackson was a pedophile”

“As a former actress, I cannot watch this documentary and not think about how wrong it is to force children to perform only to please adults. This is such a crooked, dangerous and often violent path. ”

“Michael Jackson’s fans in my replicas are hilarious. Your boyfriend is a nasty child molester. Humble your

“Small children and adults cannot be friends … Throw this idea out the window”

“Fans of Michael Jackson live by illusion. Even if you do not believe in the stories from “Leaving Netlandia”, one cannot deny that Michael Jackson had an extremely indecent relationship with children. Their parents are just as guilty as to allow this
“Watching“ Leaving Netlandia ”turned out to be difficult and unpleasant. I do not know how you can doubt the accusations of the victims after this film. ”

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