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Google refused to remove the Absher app in Saudi Arabia. It restricts the freedom of movement of women.

Service of the Ministry of the Interior does not violate the rules of Google Play, they are confident in the company.

Absher Photo by Al Jazeera app
  • Google refused to delete the Absher government of Saudi Arabia from Google Play, which allows men to track the movements of their relatives and restrict their travels;
  • The company has considered complaints from human rights defenders, but stated that the service does not violate any rules. Google’s press office responded to a request from members of the US Congress, who also demanded the removal of Absher;
  • The application works as a service of the Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia: through it, citizens can get a passport or register a vehicle;
  • However, Saudi men use Absher to restrict the travel of women, prohibit them from leaving the country, as well as choose places to travel;
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook in response to a question about removing the application from the AppStore, said: “I did not know about it, but we will definitely conduct an investigation.” Google representatives did not comment.


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