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Chinese government media recorded rap on state achievements in English

In this way, they want to attract the attention of young people to the annual political meeting.

On March 3, the Chinese state news agency Xinhua released a video in which Chinese performer Su Han read a rap about China’s achievements. It was publishedon the website of the publication.

The song entitled “Two Sessions: To the World from China” tells about the latest scientific achievements of China: “Science is the air that carries the burden of desire”. The text recalls the landing of the Chinese lunar rover on the far side of the moon, the submersion of the bathyscaphe to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the creation of the “fastest” supercomputer and the launch of the first quantum communication satellite in August 2016. The clip also mentions the reduction of poverty and environmental pollution.

Josh Feola, editor of the RADII publication on culture in China, believes that the English-language rap video with “meaningless lyrics” is actually aimed at the Chinese audience, which is not very familiar with hip-hop.

The Two Sessions is the largest annual political event in China, which opened on March 5 in Beijing. Two structures come together at the plenary sessions: the All-China People’s Representatives Congress and the People’s Political Consultative Council. During the event, parliamentarians determine policy directions at the national level. This year they are going to discuss measures to support economic growth in the face of heightened external pressure.

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