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Brazilian President opposes carnivals: first published a frank video, then asked about the “golden rain”

The ultra-right Bolsonar against the LGBT community and Twitter users.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the annual carnivals in which local people participate, including homosexuals, lesbians, transgender people and other members of the LGBT community. This was noticed by local media.

In 2019, the carnival took place from February 28 to March 5. Bolsonar published afrank video from a holiday where three men dance and one of them celebrates the need for the other. “This is what Brazilian carnival street parties have become,” he said.

After several replies from users, the politician had another question – “What is golden rain”?

“What is golden rain?”

Some Twitter users perceived the question as a call for jokes, but journalists and activists criticized Bolsonar for threatening LGBT people and posting pornographic materials.

“Search Google – link to porn site Xvideos”

“So, the Brazilian president simply made a video of how one guy urinates on the other guy’s hair and called it a“ revealing the truth ”about the carnival.”

“Brazil loves you”

“In any case, 3.5 million people have signed up for Bolsonar’s Twitter account, many of whom are almost certainly adolescents and children, so the published pornographic materials are not exactly combined with aggressive sexual moralization. Again, after three marriages

Bolshonar gained fame thanks to ambiguous statements. The 63-year-old politician said that women should receive less than men, because they can get pregnant and go on maternity leave. He also spoke about the desire to fight corruption by any means, including the military, and to limit migration to Brazil.

Bolsonar became president in October 2018 – he called Donald Trump one of his idols, who congratulated him one of the first. The president served as a paratrooper in the days of the military dictatorship and several times advocated for her to return.

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