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At the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, the fan took the stick from the hockey player. Three days later, a similar auction appeared.


Krasnoyarsk fan takes the stick from the hockey player at the Universiade

The organizing committee of the Universiade said that there was a misunderstanding between the hockey player and the fan, but the participants in the incident reacted to the situation with humor. The organizing committee recalled that the athletes themselves decide whether to give the clubs to the fans, and the fans asked to treat each other more respectfully.

Three days later, on March 5, the seller posted a lot with a hockey stick in an online auction and wrote that a Canadian hockey player had presented him with sports equipment: “I sell as unnecessary. The price is symbolic. In great condition”. For several hours, the price of a club changed: it then reached 50 thousand rubles, then it dropped to 5 rubles. It is not known how much in the end it cost the new owner. The seller thanked the media and said that the lot went to a private collection.

Announcement of the sale of hockey stick with the Universiade
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