Apple will begin to repair the iPhone with non-original batteries. Previously, such smartphones were not served

It is not yet clear whether this will affect service centers in Russia.

IFixit Photos
IFixit Photos

Apple will begin repairing iPhones with non-original batteries in its service centers. This was reported by MacRumors with reference to the company’s internal document, which was accessed by the iGeneration blog. Previously, the company refused to service smartphones with third-party batteries.

According to the source, technicians will perform all repair services, even if they find a non-original battery in the device. The service centers will replace the failed third-party batteries with official ones for a standard fee.

The company also promises to give the user a new iPhone at the cost of replacing the battery if the technician decides that the tabs of the battery adhesive tapes are broken, missing, or contain a lot of glue.

Apple still refuses to service the iPhone with non-original motherboards, cases, microphones, Lightning ports, headphone jacks and volume buttons. In 2017, the company allowed repairing smartphones with third-party displays in its service centers.

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