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the distortion of the name and surname of Elon Musk turned into a meme

Elon Musket,Elon Mosque and Elon Mosquito. Musk does not mind and also jokes like that.

In February 2019, new entertainment appeared on Reddit – English-speaking users began to distort the name of Elon Musk, giving it new meanings with the help of similar words. So the head of Tesla and SpaceX turned into Elon Mosca (Mosque – mosque), Elon Taska (Tusk – tusk) and Elon Daska (Dusk – sunset). As a result, Musk himself praised Musk himself.

It all started in 2018, when a Reddit user made a picture with a fake tweet of an entrepreneur, where he allegedly revealed his real name – Elongated Musket Gun (similar to Elon Musk).

A few months later, the joke returned in a different form. A pattern has appeared: an imaginary teacher asks a student at a lesson what he is laughing at. The student answers “Nothing”, although he actually presented Elon Musk in the form of a musket.

Teacher: “What are you laughing at there?” 
Me: “Nothing.” 
Also me: “Elon Musket”

In February 2019, the idea developed, and dozens of examples of distortion of the name and surname of the entrepreneur appeared. At Know Your Meme, the idea of ​​users was called “Muskposting”.

The joke reminds a bit of the irony over the name of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, which, as you know, can be distorted as you like, which does not hinder his recognition. But the feature of the meme about the Tesla chapter is different: on Reddit they began to take pictures and replace the word that they substituted for the surname with the faces of Musk.

Dust II – map in the game Counter Strike

Tusk – The Tusk

Eel – “eel”, Musk – “musk deer” (clan artiodactyls). 
Eel on musk (pronounced “Elon Musk”) – “Eel on Musk deer”

Muskito – Musk + mosquito (“Musk” + “mosquito”)

Muskle – Musk + muscle (Musk + Muscle)

Melon – Melon

Dusk – “sunset”

Threelon Musketeers – Elon + Three Musketeers (“Elon” + “Three Musketeers”)

In some jokes, they defeated the appearance of Musk on the blogger’s show PewDiePie with meme reviews. There the businessman was greatly amused by the picture of a dead deer in the pool.

Teacher: “What are you laughing at?” 
Elon Musk: “Nothing”. 
Brain Elon Musk:

Other templates came into play.

She: “Come.” 
I cant”. 
She: “I’m home elon” (“I am alone at home”, where the word “alone” is replaced by the consonant name “Elon” in English)

On February 26, Musk himself laughed at jokes about his last name, showing subscribers on Twitter a picture with “Elon Zakat”.

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