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Tesla has added a mode for dogs: you can leave pets alone in an electric car.

A new feature will warn passersby that animals are in comfortable conditions.

frame from tesla movie

The company Tesla introduced a regime for dogs, which will allow owners to leave a pet in a parked car when they need to move.

From the company’s video, it follows that after switching on the mode for dogs, a notice with the phrase “My master will be back soon” will appear on the screen in the Tesla cabin. It will also display the temperature inside the car so that passersby do not worry about the condition of the dogs.

As noted by The Verge, to activate the mode for dogs, you must go to the climate control settings and select the “Dog” option. The publication suggested that the function is suitable and the owners of other animals. Tesla warned that users need to familiarize themselves with local laws before relying on a new feature.

Tesla announced the appearance of a regime for dogs in October 2018. Elon Musk decided to enter it after the request of the Twitter user who asked to display a notification that the dog is in order, while the owner is not in the car.

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