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On Avito, Yule and in social networks, the demand for rose bears increased tenfold – this is the main gift by February 14

Decorations are actively sold on Instagram, and some users of social networks are worried because of superstitions.


Bears from China

At the end of January, rose bears, a gift combining roses and the shape of soft toys , became popular in runet . Within a few months, the number of references to decorative ornaments on Google Trends and Yandex has increased several times. The jump in demand turned out to be associated with the upcoming gender holidays – February 14 and March 8, as well as advertising “bears” in Olga Buzova’s instagram.

“Bears” as a fashionable gift changed “eternal roses” in flasks, which were at the height of fashion after the premiere of “Beauty and the Beast.” The trend for new flower decorations came from China: they began to promote such gifts on YouTube, offering new businessmen to buy them on AliExpress and resell them on the eve of Russian holidays.

Due to the popularity of “bears” in social networks and the fact that almost nothing is known about this gift, conspiracy theories began to appear around it. For example, that such decorations from roses are put on the graves of children in China – this is actively being written on Twitter and Instagram.

was unable to find any references to mourning bears in China or evidence that “bear bears of roses” are meant for graves. On the contrary, all announcements in Chinese, English or Russian are timed to coincide with anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.. No other search request gives out similar flower decorations for graves. The only similar element of mourning is a set of flowers and teddy bears, folded in one black box.

Bears in social networks

The main platform for the sale of “bears of roses” is Instagram. In the social network you can find hundreds of accounts for the sale of decorative jewelry in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as regions – Ufa, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk or Samara. By the tag of the same name you can find more than 130 thousand publications , most of which are advertisements.

The situation is similar in VKontakte: hundreds of advertisements for the sale of“rose bears” and advertisements. But, unlike the same shark from IKEA , there are practically no posts of users that they bought such jewelry for themselves or their halves.

With Twitter, with the growing popularity of “rose bears”, more and more users have appeared who do not like such a gift or an obsessive advertisement before February 14.

Bears for sale

The Yula ad platform provided  with statistics on the demand for the “rose bears”. Over the past six months, the number of ads for their sale has grown 36 times. Moreover, the most popular gifts marked “February 14” – this is just the flower bears.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]On Yulia, the red bears are the most expensive (2,110 rubles), a bit cheaper – white (2,100 rubles) and blue (2,050 rubles). The most affordable bears in yellow (1 870 rubles) and green (1 840 rubles). This is probably due to superstition that yellow is the color of parting.[/perfectpullquote]

Avito, at the request , also examined the number of announcements about the resale of “rose bears” before February 14. The average number of ads in February 2019 is 150 times higher than a year ago, and the average demand is 350 times.

According to Avito, the average price of jewelry is kept at around 1,626 rubles and does not rise, since “the goods are being actively bought up”.

Avito statistics
Avito statistics
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