In California, six policemen shot a black rapper who was dozing off in a car with a gun

His family claims that the cause of the murder was a racial motive.

Willy McCoy (left) and his brother David Harrison Photo by David Harrison
Willy McCoy (left) and his brother David Harrison Photo by David Harrisonk

Six policemen from the city of Vallejo in California on February 9 shot the local 20-year-old rapper Willie McCoy, known as Willie Bo. This was reported by CBS and confirmed by the police.

At the time of the incident, McCoy was dozing in a car near the Taco Bell diner. The police said that they had arrived at the call of an employee of the establishment, who at about 10:30 pm noticed a car parked nearby. In it, the cafe worker saw a man “leaning on” the wheel.

The police decided that the man lost consciousness. He had a pistol in his lap. In this case, the car was started, and the doors are locked. After the police called for reinforcements, McCoy “suddenly” moved, according to a report. The police asked him to keep his hands in sight, but McCoy “quickly reached for the gun.” Then six policemen began shooting at McCoy, “fearing for their safety.”

According to Brother Willie David Harrison, the policemen shot at Willie 20 times. The police did not specify how many shots were made.

After the shots, the police tried to provide medical assistance to McCoy, but he died at the scene. The gun, which turned out to be charged, was withdrawn.

Candles and flowers at the place where McCoy was killed. Photo by Sun Franciso Chronicle

According to The Guardian, officially the police have not yet revealed the identity of the rapper, but his family has identified him. Relatives of the musician claim that the police killed McCoy because of racist prejudices.

They [the police] did not even try to find a peaceful solution. The job of the police is to detain people who break the law, and not to enforce the law on their own. You are not judges, not jurors and not executioners. We will never overcome it.

Mark McCoy
Willy’s older brother

Harrison said no one trusts the police in Vallejo. According to him, Willie just came under the existing tip-off on black men, including because he dressed like a rapper.

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