At the Oscars, they decided to announce a part of nominations during commercial breaks. Hollywood rebelled

Prize winners, cameramen and other filmmakers express their displeasure.

Shot from the film “Roma” nominated for an Oscar for best cinematography

On February 11, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that four nominations will be announced during the commercial breaks of the television broadcast of the Oscar ceremony. Hollywood community and movie fans criticized the decision.

The management of the Academy decided not to show live the winners in four categories – “Best Cinematography”, “Best Editing”, “Best Short-Game” and “Best Make-Up and Hair Style”. However, the live broadcast of these moments will take place on the official website of Oscar.com, as well as on the social networks of the Academy. The clips will be cut a little and later shown during the broadcast.

In August 2018, the Academy approved a new method of presenting some awards in order to shorten the duration of the show. So they hope to increase the ratings. Academy President John Bailey said that the executive committees of the six branches of the Academy volunteered to offer their categories in accordance with the new system, and film academics chose four of them.

He did not explain on what basis these four categories were removed from the air. Surprisingly, Bailey himself previously led the management of the camera department of the film academy. His wife, Carol Littleton, represents the editors, and the first vice president of the Academy, Lois Burwell, is the makeup and stylists department.

John Bailey – the operator himself! What a stupid decision
Twitter noted that the four selected categories did not feature Disney movies. The company owns ABC channel, which broadcasts the Oscar award ceremony.

By the way. It is very interesting that in these four categories, which will show during the commercial breaks, there is not a single nomination of Disney films that own the ABC channel.

Filmmakers reaction

The main ideologues of resistance were the Mexicans. The winner of last year’s Academy Award for Best Director Guillermo del Toro was one of the first to oppose the decision.

I clarify: I cannot decide which categories to cover with advertising pauses during the broadcast of the Oscars, but please note: camera work and editing are in the heart of our craft. They are not derived from theater or literature – this is cinema.
He was supported by Emmanuel Lyubecki, the winner of three Oscar awards for the best cinematographic work, which has already removed posts from his instagram : “Camera work and installation, perhaps the most basic parts, the basic details of the cinema. This is a bad decision. ”

Director Alfonso Cuarón, whose film “Roma” received ten Oscar nominations this year, including for best cinematography, also supported his outraged colleagues.

In the history of cinema there are masterpieces without sound, without color, without plot, without actors and without music. But no film can exist without camera work and editing.
The director of Wonder Woman, Patti Jenkins, agreed with them.

I can not disagree. If we note the achievements of the craft and the format, how can we give these categories less value than the rest
Director of “Juneau” Jason Reitman also spoke out against the decision of the Academy.

Editing is filmmaking. “Oscar”, try to say that it is not
The director of “Zoe” Drake Doremus even proposed to boycott the ceremony.

What a shame # boycotes

Last year’s winner of the award for the best montage, Lee Smith gave a comment toVariety: “It is rarely possible to attend the ceremony and get a nomination. Sadly, shortly before the award is presented, it’s hard to know that you’ll end up on a commercial break. ” He also noted that during breaks the audience usually leaves the hall, relaxes and communicates with each other. This can spoil the plans of the Academy to broadcast these moments live.

The president of the American Society of Cameramen Keys van Oostrum wrote an open letter to the cinema academy in which he concluded: “We cannot calmly indulge this decision without protesting.”

The reaction of actors, writers, journalists

How can you better celebrate success in cinema than publicly refuse to honor people whose work literally consists in making films?

To present awards in such a blatantly dismissive manner is unthinkable. Camera work? Secondary? With such ideas, the Academy continues to sink lower and lower.

Does the Academy remove camera work, montage and make-up from live broadcast? This is such a stupid decision that I won’t even try to joke. This is so stupid that you should not even talk about it.

As a member of the Academy’s voting, I don’t like the decision to refuse to broadcast some nominations

Yeah, who should celebrate the achievements of camera work during the Oscars? What has cinematography done for cinema? The right decision, Academy

The show, whose main purpose is to show the public the achievements of cinematic art, announces that the achievements of cinematic art are too boring for the public

Twitter user response

Some have suggested that instead of the chosen nominations, one could abandon other aspects of the show.

The idea: why don’t the channel cut out half an hour of the red carpet and start broadcasting at 7:30 instead of 8:00. If the show goes for 15 or 30 minutes longer, nothing will happen to the on-air grid. It’s 11 pm on Sunday

Others decided to laugh it off.

I heard that the Academy was distributing the award for the best female role in the parking lot near the pharmacy in Santa Monica and La Brea around two o’clock in the morning. It is not right

The Academy really does not want people to watch their pitiful awards ceremony. How dare you. Imagine CHAOS, which will begin if you told these white dudes that they would receive their figurines for the best script, or director, or film during commercial breaks!

Users also launched the hashtag # PresentAll24 , calling on the Academy to show all 24 of the nominations for the live ceremony. They also noted that the decision to abandon the four categories would rather alienate the fans of the show, rather than attract new ones, and would not significantly affect the ratings.

So … We are boycotting the Oscar this year, right?

The more I think about it, the more insane this decision seems to me. How much time will they save if they cut out four categories? Do they really think the show won’t be that long? What more people will see? Not. The Academy simply insults the small audience that they have

Such a response is not the only outburst of anger that the Academy faced during the last Oscar season, full of errors and contradictions. In pursuit of ratings, bosses tried to introduce a nomination “For Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Popular Cinema”, wanted to refuse to broadcast musical numbers and called for the role of lead comedian Kevin Hart. He was forced to turn away from the proposal of the Academy after accusations of homophobia.

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