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A Texas resident found a “plump” tigress in an abandoned house. Because of marijuana, he decided it was a hallucination

The predator was healthy – now he is looking for a better house.

Photo channel KPRC

The Houston police found in the abandoned house a female “overweight” tiger left in a cage. The police department said that they had received information about the predator from an anonymous source who had climbed into the house to smoke marijuana.

A man who took a light drug, saw a tigress indoors, and at first thought it was a hallucination. Then he called the police, but he was not believed for a long time. “We asked him if he was drugged when he allegedly saw a tiger. But he did see him, ”said Jason Alderete, a member of the animal abuse department.

The tigress was in an unlocked cage in the garage of the house, closed with a screwdriver and a nylon strap. Next to her found a few pieces of meat. There is no data on the importation of the predator into the United States – the Houston Zoo has confirmed that they have all the tigers in place. The found tigress was transported to a local animal shelter, from where she would go to another institution.


The media notes that the tigress, despite the problems with weight, is healthy.

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