INOI Russian smartphone: you have not seen this (and we)

Something we are all about flagships, but about flagships. Zazhralis in this our capital. Smartphones for over 60 thousand rubles – pfff! This one takes bad pictures, that one is too glossy, and the third – with a single camera instead of two, in 2018!

Pssst guys! Do you want a smartphone with a large screen and a dual camera for 5,990 rubles?

And if it works up to 4 days, does it not collect fingerprints and does it have a lightweightAndroid 8.1 Go as an OS ?

That’s the same thing. See what a handsome man: this is a real OTHER gadget. This is called – INOI 5i.

What is in the smartphone for 5,990 rubles.

Looks strictly and concisely.

The INOI 5i smartphone looks classically: rectangular, nothing superfluous. True, “superfluous” also means a fingerprint scanner – it is just not there.

And who needs it, in the budget device? This smart will be the perfect gift for older people or a child as the first smartphone, for which all these bells and whistles come to nothing.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The main thing is that the INOI 5i charge holds for a long time, it rings very loudly, and the 5.5-inch HD IPS screen with a resolution of 1280×640 pixels is bright and any information is perfectly readable.[/perfectpullquote]

Inside, there is a 4-core MediaTek MTK6739 processor, the PowerVR GE8100 chip is responsible for the graphones, and the memory is built-in 8 GB, and a 128 GB flash drive can still be installed.

Together with a flash drive, you can put 2 sim cards, there is a place.

RAM in this smartphone is only 1 GB, and at first glance this may not be enough. But in fact, INOI 5i works smartly and does not slow down at all in any usage scenarios.

What’s the secret?

It’s all about the installed OS Android 8.1 Go

Android Go appeared in 2017. Google created this OS specifically for budget gadgets , removing their classic Android 8.0 Oreo operating system with various visual “decorations”, translucency and animation.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The main purpose of Android Go – fast and comfortable work on any device, with minimal use of software resources.[/perfectpullquote]

For the user, there are practically no differences between the main Android Oreo and Android Go: the same app store, the same menus, settings and control gestures.

Android Go is installed on INOI 5i, so even with a 1 GB OS, the gadget works without any problems with performance.

Yes, you should not install powerful toys on the INOI 5i, but the Fallout Shelter, for example, pulls this smartphone.

The rest is the familiar Android, with pre-installed services of Yandex and Google. There is a browser (Chrome and J. Browser), a Gmail email client and a YouTube app.

Most of these applications have been optimized specifically for Android Go , so everything runs quickly and runs smoothly.

You can download all modern instant messengers from Google Play, from WhatsApp to WeChat, as well as most applications, such as bank clients or e-book readers.

The camera here is not amazing with the quality of the pictures, although with natural lighting you get decent shots:

Cloudy day, snowfall. Blurred background, but maybe the whole thing in the trembling hands of the photographer?

The camera is double, 8 + 0.3 MP, front – 5 MP. It is good for video calls, and leave the photo masterpieces to expensive flagships.

Bottom line: a budget smartphone that will not disappoint


Frankly, I first encountered a gadget running “light” Android Go. On the Internet, there is a perception that this OS is put exclusively on ultra-budget devices, however:

1. INOI 5i works quickly, without lags and lags, even with a running browser and applications.

2. This smartphone allows you to fully use LTE-Internet, works with 2 sim-cards and costs adequate money.

3. Thanks to a lightweight OS and applications, INOI 5i works without recharging for up to 4 days. Autonomy is great.

4. It is convenient to use this smartphone as a second handset, and also it’s not a pity to give to a child to be torn apart or to give to an elderly person for making calls and studying the possibilities of communication via WhatsApp or Viber.

In general, I am pleased with this smartphone, albeit a bit disappointed with the camera’s capabilities.

However, given the price tag of 5,990 rubles . and the possibility of choosing from several colors ( there is black, red, blue and gold ), I consider this gadget to be a worthy and inexpensive gift on the eve of the New Year holidays.

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