In Canada, an “anomalous” zone appeared where cars would not start. The problem was in another car

She interfered and influenced the electronics around her.

Parking at the Westview Co-op Store by John Olson for Google Maps

At the beginning of 2019, residents of the Canadian town of Carsteyrs faced an inexplicable phenomenon: the cars in the parking lot at the local store did not start, did not open with trinkets or rang for no reason. The solution was simple – a faulty starter in one of the cars generated interference for others. This was told Gizmodo in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada.

The problem first appeared in January – residents began to notice the strange behavior of their cars in the parking lot of the Westview Co-op store. At first, electronics were considered to be a source of interference in neighboring buildings, but the cars continued to behave strangely even after they had de-energized everything.

Some residents decided that the phenomenon was caused by something supernatural or unusual, for example, a sudden shift of the Earth’s magnetic field. An employee of the store opposite Westview Co-op Laura Straight (Laura Strate) told CBC News that residents are seriously afraid to drive up to the institution, because they do not know whether their cars will start. She noted that the townspeople began to joke that “it’s time to switch to foil hats”.

After the problem was reported to the media, she attracted the attention of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada. Specialists of the department conducted their own investigation of the incident and found out that the problem was in the device in one of the cars that stood at the store.

A ministry spokesman said that while the case is not closed, but according to preliminary results, the reason was the starter in one of the cars. He interfered with the key fobs and the ignition of all the cars around. “After the device was deactivated, the problem disappeared,” – noted in the department. Representatives of the Westview store clarified that the interference arose by chance, and not because of deliberate hooliganism.

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