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How to read the message and hide the reading report in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

We read quietly.

Messengers have long replaced us with SMS-messages. Communication with them has become faster, more convenient and, what is most pleasant, cheaper. But it is this accessibility that sometimes gets annoying.

The endless stream of messages from annoying friends and the reluctance to respond to received notifications is familiar? But after all, curiosity takes its toll, but it is worthwhile to open the messenger dialog, as the other person receives the notice of reading and not answering means to offend.

WhatsApp , Facebook Messenger , Viber, iMessage, Telegram – in each messenger you can view the message without sending read receipts.

How? We understand!

Notification Center

So, you received a message, but you deliberately do not want to open it. However, what is written, you definitely want to know.

When the message arrives, drag the pop-up window down. Then simply press the Home key or tap anywhere on the screen.

Did you miss the moment when the message was delivered? Call the Notification Center with a bottom-up swipe.

The message will be displayed in the Notification Center and you will not need to open it.

Airplane Mode

If the content of the message does not fit in the Notification Center window, there is an option to view it directly in the messenger.

Before you open Viber, WhatsApp and any other application, turn on Airplane Mode in the Quick Access Center .As soon as the connection to the network is interrupted, feel free to open the messenger.Finished reading? First exit the dialog, then unload the instant messenger from the device’s memory by pressing the Home key twice and closing it. Only after then turn on the network. The read report will not be delivered even after the connection is established.

Disable reports

The options proposed above are suitable when you really want to read, but you need to do it in secret. In each messenger, you can disable read reports.

Viber : More tab -> Settings -> Privacy and disable the Send status to status Slider .

WhatsApp : Settings -> Account -> Privacy and disable read reports .

Telegram : For this messenger, you can refuse to read messages by holding your finger on the dialogue. A window opens, duplicating 3D Touch functionality (even if you do not have iPhone 6s / 6s Plus).

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