How to install WhatsApp on iPad (finally!)

This year, the popular WhatsApp messenger will be nine years old. The monthly active audience of the service is more than one billion people.

But Facebook, which owns the messenger, is in no hurry to expand its customer base. WhatsApp is available for Android-smartphones, iPhone, Windows and macOS-compatible laptops and computers, but it still cannot be installed on the iPad.

Officially impossible. But there is an unofficial way to run WhatsApp on the iPad, and we will tell about it today.

Why do I need whatsapp on ipad


For many, the iPad is not just a device for viewing videos, games and reading. A number of users use the tablet as a working tool.

During the correspondence in the messenger is very inconvenient to constantly get distracted by the smartphone. Agree, it is much more convenient to receive notifications directly on the iPad.

Install WhatsApp on iPad

Note : This method provides for the installation of an informal client WhatsApp and we do not undertake to guarantee the security and confidentiality of correspondence.

Step 1 . On the iPad, open the Safari browser and go to .

Step 2. Click on the “Download App” button. An icon with a loading TweakBox application will appear on the Springboard.

Step 3. Wait until the download is complete. During installation, TwekBox will ask for permission to install the profile. Select “Install” and specify your master password.

If such a request does not appear, go to Settings -> Profiles and select “Trust this application” in the TweakBox settings.

Step 4. After the installation is complete, launch TweakBox and go to the Apps tab -> Tweaked Apps.

Step 5. Install the Watusi application. After the installation is completed, the long-awaited WhatsApp messenger will appear on the screen.


Run the application, enter your phone number and enter the verification code. A few seconds, and the setting of WhatsApp on the iPad can be considered complete.


Of the obvious disadvantages of this method of installation is the lack of proper adaptation of the messenger for the iPad screen and the periodically appearing advertisement bar.

On the other hand, today is the only way to run WhatsApp on the iPad until Facebook itself decides to release a full-fledged client.

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