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Google Maps will get augmented reality function. But it can’t be used for too long for security.

3D arrows help you find your way.

Google announced the appearance of the AR-mode in Google Maps, and also demonstrated the application in action, reports The Wall Street Journal. The first to access the function will be “ local experts ”.

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The new functionality will work as follows: after launching the camera, the application will determine the user’s location and compare it with the Street Viewdatabase . As soon as the system specifies the location, 3D arrows will appear on the screen, pointing the way in the right direction.

At the same time, the company does not want users to rely too much on the function of augmented reality. Therefore, if you leave the phone in AR mode for a long time, the screen will darken. Google goes to such a measure for the sake of the safety of people, as well as to save battery power of the smartphone.

In 2017, Yandex.Maps for iOS received support for augmented reality on the Apple ARKit platform . The application works on the same principle as Google Maps, but paves the route using virtual points instead of arrows.

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