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From an unclosed account in Switzerland to tax evasion in the United States. The investigation of Tatiana Navka – tezisno

The wife of the press secretary of the Russian president says that she did not break the law, or simply refuses to comment on the materials.

Dmitry Peskov and Tatiana Navka Photos by Ekaterina Chesnokova, RIA Novosti

On February 6, the Dossier Investigation Center of Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that the wife of the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Tatyana Navka, did not close the Swiss bank account, contrary to the law. On February 11, the Dossier , along with British The Guardian, reported that the Olympic champion had allegedly violated US tax laws.

Navka annually turns out to be richer than Peskov, according to official declarations. In 2017, she earned more than 200 million rubles, while her husband earned just over 14 million. Spouses regularly become heroes of corruption investigations, for example, about Peskov ’s clock , rest on one of the most expensive yachts in the world, and a house in the Moscow region, costing at least a billion rubles.

  • According to journalists, Navka opened an account in her own name in the Swiss “daughter” of the Luxembourg bank Banque Internationale a Luxembourg (BIL). Navka’s account appeared on February 20, 2014, before the marriage with Peskov, and is still not closed. This is contrary to the Federal Law, which prohibitsgovernment employees and their close relatives from owning accounts in banks abroad;
  • As proof that Navka really owns the account, the Dossier has led banking and tax documents. Among them is a letter confirming the opening of the account and the name of the press secretary’s wife, and a notification about opening an account in Excel according to theFTS standard . Journalists were convinced that an account was available for transferring money from abroad, transferring 5 euros to it. The bank has confirmed the receipt of funds to them;
  • On the opening day, Navka registered the offshore Carina Global Assets in the British Virgin Islands., found out the journalists. According to the Panama dossier, the registration procedure began a few weeks before. The documents said the estimated assets of more than a million dollars. Offshore liquidated in 2015, but the bank account can still be opened;
  • According to the Dossier, before registering an offshore, Navka was advised by Leon Semenenko, whom the media called the“confidant” of businessman Alisher Usmanov. Using the structures of entrepreneur Navka, she allegedly acquired a house in the village of “The Third Hunt” near Moscow with a 50% discount for 300 million rubles;
  • For the period of life in the USA, Navka could accumulate debts to the tax service in the amount of “tens” of thousands of dollars.. According to investigators who refer to court documents, the former figure skater illegally used tax breaks, did not pay tax on real estate, did not pay mortgages and concealed real incomes;
  • From 2006 to 2015, when the figure skater lived in the United States with Alexander Zhulin, the couple owned several real estate properties, including in New Jersey and New York. They divorced in 2010, but Navka did not cease to file declarations as married until 2013. She did not report in the United States about foreign accounts, and in 2015 she reported on income, which was 17 times less than in the Russian declaration.
  • Navka and Peskov callinformation about the presence of accounts abroad “not corresponding to reality”. A spokesman for the president also denies registration of the offshore.Navka refused to answer questions about possible debts in the USaccusing The Guardian of bias because of the first investigation.


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