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Facebook Messenger hides messages. where to look

You might not know about their existence.

Of course, Facebook Messenger is a convenient way to chat, because almost every user of your phone book has a profile on this social network. But “convenience in an American way” is not always obvious.

Without warning and prior information, the official Messenger application sends a series of messages from contacts that are not your friends.

It turns out that messages arrive, there are notifications about unreads, and the messages themselves are not known where. Open the “hidden reserves” of the messenger.

1. Open the Messenger app on your iOS device and go to the Settings tab . Select People .

2. In the window that opens, select Requests for correspondence .

3. Here you are waiting for messages about which you might not know anything. Select View filtered requests .

This is the category of Filtered messages  that did not come to the standard form of the social network. Such a “ghost messages.”

In the desktop version of Facebook, you can fall into the category of messages blocked by the filter as follows:

Open a window with incoming messages and select Requests for correspondence . Tapping on View filtered requests , you will immediately see messages from users who wanted, but could not reach you.If Facebook is for you one of the active ways of correspondence or working tools at all – do not forget to periodically check the folder with hidden messages, which are automatically applied filter.

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