Elon Musk said that the SpaceX engine outpaced the Russian RD-180 in terms of the pressure level in the combustion chamber

The head of the company believes that Raptor will open the way for interplanetary travel.

Raptor engine which is mounted on a spaceship Starship , ahead of the Russian RD-180 from the pressure level in the combustion chamber. About this wrote the head of the company SpaceX on Twitter on February 11.

“Today Raptor has reached 268.9 bar. This exceeds the previous record set by the magnificent Russian RD-180. Great job from the @SpaceX testing team! ”

According to NPO Energomash, the pressure in the RD-180 combustion chamber is 266.7 bar. Earlier, Musk called the design of the Russian engine “brilliant” and announced plans to exceed its performance.

On February 4, the head of the company published a video of the first successful test of the Raptor engine, through which Elon plans to send mankind to explore Mars.

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