Disney showed “blue” Will Smith in the role of the genie from the film adaptation of “Aladdin.” In social networks, the image was criticized

Because of a bad CGI, the hero looks as if he was just inserted Will Smith’s face into Photoshop.

In just a few hours, the trailer scored 11 thousand dislikes (with 15 thousand likes), and most of the comments were dedicated to Jeanne. According to the audience, the authors of “Aladdin” poorly done their work, and now the face of Will Smith seemed very bad to “touch the photo” to the character. At the same time, there were also comments with the support of the new image.

“Will the genie performed by Will Smith is what comes into my room during sleep paralysis.”

“I can not sleep, and it’s all the fault of Will Smith”

In social networks they remembered how the “canonical” genie from the cartoon looks.

Smith in the new image began to compare with other characters.

“Looks like the blue version of Shrek”

“Not sure about this Avatar sequel”

“A first look at Will Smith in the role of Jinn in the film adaptation of Aladdin”
In 2018, many experts praised how with the help of special effects from actor George Brolin they made Thanos from Avengers. In comparison, Smith was called the “less successful cousin.”

“A First Look at Will Smith as Cousin Thanos“ Lewis ”in the movie“ The Avengers: The Finale ”

“I looked at the trailer Aladdin and the CGI level of the character of Will Smith reminded another guy
Some users have noticed that it would be more appropriate to simply show a “natural” genie without a blue color.

“Why is there so much CGI here, why does it have to be blue at all? Aladdin and Jasmine got other clothes, why not just make Will Smith in the cool clothes of Jinn? ”

“It looks like genies want freedom from the chains of the terrible CGI.”

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