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12 tips that Facebook Messenger is capable of

Selected the best.

We increasingly give preference to instant messengers, use traditional SMS-correspondence less often and began to abandon the usual telephone calls. The number of applications that allows you to instantly exchange short messages, photos, videos, communicate through audio and video communications, is growing every day.

One of them is Facebook Messenger [ Download from the App Store ]. An application that is part of the social network of the same name and allows you to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances anywhere, at any time of the day.

The app’s audience includes over 900 million people from around the world. Today we talk about the main features of Facebook Messenger. You already knew something, but for the first time you will hear about something.

1. Use without a Facebook profile


If you are an opponent of social networks, you can safely use Facebook Messenger without being tied to a profile. When registering, just download the application from the App Store or go to the website and go through a short procedure to bind to the phone number.

All your phone contacts using Messenger will also be displayed in the application menu.

2. Bots


Recently, bots paid much attention. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that these automatic assistants have a future, so they were quickly integrated into Messenger.

The brainchild of Facebook is far from Telegram, but a number of developments already exist. Among the most popular active bots worth noting:

  • CNN – allows you to keep abreast of the latest news (English language)
  • Poncho – will help to find out the weather in any city in the world automatically.
  • Sequel Stories – a bot that offers a number of exciting stories with illustrations and interactivity (English)
  • Dropbox – sending photos in your own cloud storage of a popular service

A complete list of available bots can be found here . For inclusion it is enough to use the Search for people and groups on the Recent tab , specifying the exact name of the bot.

3. Installing Add-ons and Applications


Additional applications can easily be integrated into the mobile version of Messenger. The collection includes over 40 different tools for processing multimedia content, working with files, additional emoticons and animations, and much more.

Where to find : in the open dialog tap on the icon with three dots . Scroll through the list and select the desired application by clicking Open . After installing from the App Store, you will be able to export content directly from the application to the messenger.

4. Games: Basketball


Messenger has two built-in games. One of them is a primitive basketball, which will help pass the time. In order to fight with the interlocutor, send him a smiley with a picture of a basketball.

To do this, you need to add the keyboard Emozes from the iOS menu: Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Keyboards -> New Keyboards .

Having sent a basketball, click on the smile from the dialog. The game board opens with a basket. Set records and compete with the interlocutor.

5. Games: Chess


For large fans of the game Chess, there is an opportunity to play a party or two right in the dialogue mode. The virtual board will appear without additional installations and third-party applications.

How to enable : in the dialog, enter the @fbchess play message and send the person you are planning to start the game with. To move figures, use the following rules:

Names of pieces : P – pawn, N – knight, K – king, Q – queen, R – rook, B – officer.

To move a figure, you need to specify: its name, the vertical coordinate (Latin letter ah) on which the figure stands and the coordinate to which the movement is planned.

Example: Pg4 – a pawn to g2 goes to g4; 
Example 2: Ngf6 – the horse on the g8 cage will go to the f6 cage; 
Example 3: Ke2 – the king on the cell e1 will go to the cell e2 (the king and the queen are unpaired figures, therefore it is not necessary to indicate the vertical coordinate); 
Example 4 : Bfh3 – an officer from cell f1 will go to cell h3.

The figures hit each other automatically. To make a move, be sure to specify @fbchess at the origin of coordinates.

6. Changing colors


Each dialog can be edited according to your favorite color scheme. This is not entirely obvious, but the settings are saved and each correspondence becomes unique.

How to: Open the dialog with the user and at the top of the screen, click on the contact name. Choose a Color and set any of your favorite options.

Please note that the color change is carried out both in the dialogue on your device and on the device of the interlocutor.

7. Quickly add friends


Imagine a situation where you communicate live with a person and decide: “Why not add each other” to your friends on Facebook? In Messenger, everything is organized much easier than the banal input of the name and search for users among millions of others.

How to quickly add a user: Ask a “potential friend” to open Messenger on the I tab and tap on the avatar. Take your smartphone and open the People tab . Select Scan QR and point the smarphone camera to the comrade’s screen by scanning the proposed code. User will be found immediately.

8. Invisible Correspondence Requests


Wanting to protect the user from unwanted spam, Facebook has enabled filtering messages from users that are not your friends or not found in the contact book of Messenger. As a result, it will be difficult to get through to you, and if one day they ask you: “I wrote to you, why don’t you answer?” – do not be surprised.

Open Settings – People and select Requests for correspondence . Open the Filtered requestscategory . We described the situation in more detail in the corresponding instructions: Messenger hides messages: we tell where to look ).

9. Hide messages

It is unlikely that you like someone to read your correspondence, looking over his shoulder. Messenger has the function of hiding previews of messages and notifications.

How to enable : Open Settings – Notifications and disable the slider next to the item Open preview .

10. Big Like


Corporate logo button Like, built into Messenger by default and displayed on the quick access panel. The application provides the ability to send a thumb, which is suitable for those cases where you are not just all good, but wonderful.

How to send : tap the finger icon and hold for a few seconds. Hold on for now – it will increase. The main thing is to stop in time 🙂

11. Group calls

This feature is just a few weeks away. In mid-April, Facebook announced the launch of Group Calls . Now you can organize real conferences with several users at once. The maximum number of people participating in such an audio conference is 50.

How to call multiple people : Open the Groups tab and select New Group . Add the users who want to call and press Call . The created group will be saved.

12. Nicknames

On Facebook, all users look a bit official: last name, first name … For everyday correspondence this is not very acceptable. Andrey Viktorovich can be easily changed to “Boxer” , and Anna Anatolyevna to “Accountant” .

Where to do: Open a dialogue with the user and tap on his name at the top of the screen. Choose Nicknames and give any name you associate with a specific person.

Be careful – as soon as you establish a nickname , the other person will see it in the dialogue.

Now all the notifications will come from this name, as long as the interlocutor himself once did not accidentally see his nickname (if he does not know about it).

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