Top 10 programs for the Mac. Make Work easy!

A set of standard software on Mac allows you to solve a large number of tasks and get involved in the work within a few minutes after unpacking.

Unfortunately, there are many everyday tasks and scenarios that no Mac can handle from the box.

In order not to be without the right application at the height of the workflow, I recommend immediately downloading the 10 most useful applications for any Mac.

1. The Unarchiver : unzip RAR


In today’s reality, with large volumes of storage, clouds, and wireless data transfer, many have abandoned the use of archives.

However, it is often necessary to download something from the network, receive compressed data by mail, or even download applications of the developer’s site in the archive.

Just install the application The Unarchiver and unpacking will cease to be a problem. The application is not the most sophisticated niche in its niche, but everyone has enough basic capabilities, while the program is absolutely free.

2. VLC or IINA media player : watch any video


The second common problem that every Mac user faces is watching videos . Standard QuickTime does not support all formats and has virtually no settings.

To forget about codecs, video formats, support for audio tracks and subtitles once and for all, it’s enough to install one universal player.

A couple of years ago, the VLC application was the leader in this segment , and now this player has a worthy alternative – IINA .

The VLC application has long been familiar to users, is being developed for all modern platforms, and the creators of the program have a lot of experience.

In turn, IINA is created exclusively for macOS, written in the Swift progressive language, has a lighter design and is not inferior in the number of settings.

3. DaisyDisk : Watch your Mac Place


The analyzer busy on the Mac storage space drive always tells you how to quickly and efficiently clean your computer.

There are no cleaning algorithms, enhancers and optimizers. Only visual pie chart.

Instead of removing dozens of megabytes, you can immediately find unnecessary data that take up the lion’s share of space. Thoughtful manual cleaning every six months will free up much more space than any automatic one.

4. TripMode : spend less traffic from iphone


A real Masthev for Mac owners who move a lot with their computer, work in a cafe, park, plane or train.

The program is useful during trips abroad or when using the iPhone as a modem for Mac.

The utility helps to quickly deny access to the network to any of the applications. The icon in the menu bar allows you to manage the settings in a series of keystrokes.

So you can easily save traffic, increase the speed of a slow connection, or save battery power if necessary.

5. Tuxera or Paragon NTFS : make friends flash drives for Windows


How many do not surround yourself with apple technology, but you still have to work with NTFS. The Apple operating system perfectly reads data from another file system, but cannot write without additional software.

In order to not rush in search of the best utility for working with NTFS, select the appropriate option in advance.

The recognized leaders in this niche are Tuxera and Paragon NTFS . Each application has its own army of fans, which extols the advantages of the program and does not notice its shortcomings.

In most cases, utilities cope with their task in the same way and do not differ much from each other.

6. FOLX 5 : conveniently upload files


Convenient and functional download manager, which can be used on Mac’s forehead. The program can intercept downloads from Safari or Chrome, can download torrents and videos from YouTube.

Downloading can be split into multiple streams for faster downloads than browsers.

You can pause or resume downloads and download data on a schedule. For example, unload the network during working hours and download at night.

The program has a free and paid version, more about the differences and other features of the FOLX 5 can be found here .

7. Magnet , Window Tidy or BetterSnapTool : easily arrange windows


One of the few chips from the world of Windows that really lacks in macOS is the adherence of windows to the corners of the screen. So you can quickly arrange the program for easy operation without switching.

On Mac, this mode looks poor, has no settings and supports only two applications. Need more – line up by hand.

It is much easier to use one of the third-party applications and manage windows with gestures or hot keys.

Magnet is the simplest solution with a minimum of settings. Window Tidy – more options and options. BetterSnapTool is the most expensive and customizable alternative.

8. CheatSheet : memorize keyboard shortcuts


The utility is definitely useful for novice Mac users. Advanced owners of apple computers can also learn something new with it.

The application starts with the operating system and at any time gives a list of all hot keys for the active application. You just need to hold down the Command (⌘) key for a few seconds.

This is much faster than searching for the desired action in the menu bar and encourages memorizing useful shortcuts.

9. AppCleaner : clean the garbage from programs

A simple utility to completely remove applications on Mac. Banal dragging to the basket does not delete the system data, cache and program settings, and everything unnecessary is deleted from the AppCleaner .

Programs can be deleted both via the utility interface, and you can configure AppCleaner to start when you remove any program in the usual way.

It’s very simple without unnecessary effects, animations and absolutely free.

10. Franz 5 or All-In-One Messenger : all instant messengers in one

Anyone who uses several different messengers and applications to communicate will benefit from one of these programs.

Utilities combine multiple user accounts in a single tabbed interface. So in one program easily fit: Skype, Telegram, Slack, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook Messenger and other services for communication.

Franz 5 is a separate application, and All-In-One Messenger is an extension for the Chrome browser. The rest of the program is quite similar.


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