How to recover missing space on a computer in MacOS Disk Utility?

During the work with Disk Utility, a failure occurred and 37 GB from the hard disk capacity was lost. Where are they going and how to get them back?

Hello, Nikolay.

Do not worry, nothing is not gone. If the process of the Disk utility operation ended abnormally, it is most likely that the creation of the necessary partition was not carried out to the end. For this reason, it is not displayed in the application.

The area allocated for creating a partition is now simply not marked up and cannot be used to store data.

To return it to its former state, do the following:

1. In the Disk utility, position the cursor on the drive and click the Split button . 

2. See the unallocated space in the pie chart. 

3. Increase the size of the logical disk at the expense of this area (drag the marker on the diagram or enter the new size in the field).

4. Click the Apply button and wait for the process to complete.

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