How to create a protective glass for smartphones. Video

In 2007, Steve Jobs called the CEO of Corning and asked to create a glass that can withstand scratches and bumps.

Prior to this, the displays were covered with plastic, but Gorilla Glass came to replace it.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]An interesting fact : Corning once made glass for the first incandescent bulbs in 1879.[/perfectpullquote]

CBNC journalists visited one of the company’s factories in order to show in more detail the process of creating protective glass for smartphones.

How to create glass for smartphones

This is a rather complicated process. Materials from all over the world are collected and mixed in a large cistern according to a special secret recipe.

Engineers ensure that the resulting impurity is the highest quality and reliable. One tank of the solution obtained is sufficient for thousands of glass sheets.

It is important that when creating windows the employees do not touch them , they can disrupt the process. Therefore, robots do this.

After the final assembly, the glass plates are laminated, packed in boxes and transported. Then, prior to installation, an additional amplification process, called ion exchange, takes place: potassium microparticles are introduced into the glass in a hot salt bath.

Thanks to this, the final glass becomes much stronger .

More detail and more to follow the process in this video

The video lasts 6 minutes 38 seconds, completely in English. But basic knowledge is enough to roughly understand the process of creating glass.


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