How to change your avatar from Gmail to iPhone

My contact has added an old photo to Gmail that is displayed on the iPhone for everyone who syncs contacts with Gmail. Tell me how and where to change this picture. 
– Vasiliy

Hello, Basil.

When you sync contacts with Gmail, the contact photo will always be pulled from its account. Even if it is forced to replace the picture on the iPhone, after a certain time it will still change to the old avatar from the network.

Replace the picture at once in three places.

To make friends and acquaintances not see the old irrelevant photo, do the following:


1. First, replace the photo in your Gmail profile with this guide .

2. Edit your Google+ profile photo . Although this network will be closed soon, the avatar can drag from there.

3. Find and delete the unwanted avatar on in the Profile photossection .

After a certain time (the update may take up to 48 hours), the old photo from Gmail will not be displayed for those who add your contact from Gmail.

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