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Elizabeth II’s husband refused a driver’s license after the accident

97-year-old Prince Philip rolled over on his SUV in January.

The spouse of the British Queen Elizabeth II passed the driver’s license after the accident, which he fell in January. “After careful deliberation, the Duke of Edinburgh made the decision to voluntarily waive his driver’s license,” the British Royal Palace said in a statement.

On January 17, a prince driving a Land Rover Freelander collided with a KIA car on the outskirts of a royal residence in eastern England. The accident injured two women who were in the KIA – while the child in the car did not get injured. The prince himself later stated that he did not see the hindrance due to the low sun, and offered the victims written apologies.

January 19, he sat behind the wheel again and did not fasten. According to the police, they had an explanatory conversation with Philip about the safety rules.

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