Marvel launched a website “Captain Marvel” in the style of 1995, who was unable to work in 1995 year

It only looks outdated, but in fact uses new technologies.

The action of the future Marvel film “Captain Marvel” takes place in 1995, so the studio launched a promotional site that looks like it was in the 90s. The inscriptions are made in Comic Sans, and a significant part of the page is occupied by the simplest gifs.

However, such a site could not exist in 1995 due to the fact that there was simply no such technology at that time. This was noticed in Twitter thread by The Verge senior editor Dieter Bohn.

The journalist began by saying that the page with all the animations “weighs” more than 10 megabytes. In 1995, the fastest modem maintained a speed of 28 kilobits per second, which means that the Captain Marvel website would load for ages.

Site too poorly optimized for 1995 by Dieter Bon Screenshot

In addition, the site is built on JavaScript (the name of one of the files even refers to the villains from the comics). However, this language began to be widely used in web development only after 1996, when JavaScript was standardized and it received support from the popular browsers NetScape and Internet Explorer 3.

In addition to JavaScript, the site design is built on CSS-styles, which appeared only at the end of 1996. As Bon noted, in 1995 the Internet consisted only of pictures – without any styles. 
In addition, the journalist found that in the “guest book” you can find references to the meme “dancing baby”, which appeared only in 1996.

At the end of the thread, Bon apologized to the users and urged to enjoy the “fan site”. However, he explained that you should not try to open it in the NetScape Navigator emulator (the most popular browser in the 90s, ), as the site simply will not work.

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