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Brakes-free advertising – we will not see this anymore.

Oh times! O morals! Once upon a time, in the shaggy 90s (and even more so the 70s and 80s), the grass certainly was more fragrant, and the green color was more saturated and even a little provocative. Looking back, you understand how everything has changed. In some countries, try to just give way to a woman or give her a compliment – sue for harassment and sexism, let alone be responsible for the jokes about skin color … Today the provocations are not the same: they are emasculated, obvious and therefore usually toothless.

The marketing materials of the past show how unbridled advertising was: its authors allowed themselves, if not all, very much. Today, this is more the exception, and real pearls very quickly disappear from sight under the pressure of various organizations. As a rule, the most active win, even if they are in the minority.

Let’s go back to the past and see what kind of advertising was before, but we will focus on fun, humorous materials – because laughter prolongs life (and, as marketers say, promotes goods with services). Looking at some of the samples, you understand that today it is almost impossible to see it on TV or on any other channel of information dissemination.

However, in the past, there was enough “excesses in places”, for which advertiser companies regularly received scolding in the form of fines and bans on the distribution of such materials.

Let’s start with print ads. The manufacturer of deodorants Ax, fortunately, still sometimes pleases. The option below has a very specific target audience, since it appeared at least 10 years ago.

Here is an example of advertising a gadget, which in 2012 was called the most useless. But its creators were sure of the opposite, because they came up with sensible hands-free for probably any phone – from a mobile phone to a wired one. Try to dispute this fact. By the way, they were not joking …

But from a relatively fresh and therefore all the more pleasant to the eye:

Technological thing level “shops on the couch,” which are able to sell even useless goods. “A pen that never gets lost” is attached magnetically to the clock. The same magnet is responsible for pulling into the body of the rod, so as not to dry out. But for 30 bucks ?!

But let’s go back to fun and weird ads. This even got its term – oddvertising (from the words odd – “strange” and advertising – “advertising”).

It is believed that such an advertisement has disappeared, among other things, due to an increase in the timing of the commercials. The fact that they used to try to squeeze in 15-30 seconds, today unfolds into long mini-movies – boring, with lots of details and abstractions. “Now we can create an emotion, tell a story, ” explain the advertisers. And the viewer switches the channel or goes to drink tea. But in the past there were long masterpieces. One of the examples you can find on YouTube for the key phrase “wassup commercial”.

Here are examples of the classics of black humor. On some topics today it is not customary to joke, others will cause outrage, and still others will simply demand a ban.

Once the transmission and playback of video (protostreaming, let’s say) seemed something unusual and cool. But the Motorola E815 could do a lot. Advertising, of course, embellished its possibilities, but it is forgivable.

But not everyone is good advertising with humor: sometimes you just have to guess what the director of the video meant. This is either a very thin joke or very thick. Or funny, but farfetched. However, the main advertiser achieved even in this case – attracted attention.

Today, smart phones are blamed for a weak battery. Many have forgotten that in times of video cameras the problems were the same. Only the battery could still add the need to stock up on cassettes.

And here everything is very dangerous, even the commentators under the video are outraged by what is happening! Yes, if you wish, you can really see a controversial message here.

It is especially unusual to see a cheerful advertising company that specializes in insurance and funeral arrangements. Once this worked, but now the company prefers a much more traditional approach to promotion.

Someone probably still remembers a company like AGFA. Today she is not widely known, but this does not negate her past achievements. Here is an example of advertising, which allegedly was even banned for display (somewhere and someone). The slogan in the frame corresponds to the video sequence: “For things that you will see once in a lifetime”.

By the way, about compactness. Once it was treated differently. The Japanese, who know how to surprise advertising so far, know a lot about oddities. The jury of the Cannes Lions advertising festival recognized this.

Some videos do not lose their relevance so far. Moreover, they can be shown as visual material to the authors of social advertising. Unlike many of its samples, the video below would have worked.

But we do not recommend the following advertisement for viewing to impressionable people, because it can be classified as horror.

You will not see ads like this below for other reasons. Today, this video is perceived as naive and even stupid. “My God, did anyone really think of advertising a DVD ?!”

Do modern smartphones seem big? Ah ha ha …

An example of advertising, which was later recognized as incorrect and banned from being shown. And it was a question of protected sex, and the main role was played by Dominic Cooper, so young in 2001 (the video itself begins approximately at the 12th second).

It doesn’t matter what you advertise. The main thing is how.

Sometimes even large and seasoned advertisers (and advertisers) experience failures. Either this is a very competent manipulation – the PlayStation 3 after this you can hardly forget.

It is not known for certain how much Iron Arnie’s participation in this advertisement was worth, but this is unlikely to happen again.

And in general, Japanese advertising is full of masterpieces.

Here’s how, for example, Windows 3.11 was promoted (after this you will remember it exactly) …

… and Windows 8.

Well, let’s finish the selection with strange things:

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