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Boxer Rocky Lockridge, known for meme “best scream of all time”, has died at the age of 60 years

On account of the ex-champion 44 wins, 33 knockouts and 9 losses.

Shot from the popular video “Best Cry Ever” on YouTube

On the morning of February 7, former boxing champion Rocky Lockridge died in the United States at the age of 60. He gained popularity after an interview in which he burst into tears and became a meme.

About the death of Lockridge was tweeted by his son Ricky. According to preliminary data , he was in the hospital for the last few weeks. The cause of his death, presumably, became health problems after a stroke, said the relatives of the former champion.

With great pain, but immense love, I tell you, my friends and family, that my father Ricky Lockridge, aka Rocky Lockridge, passed away. All he wanted was to be in a comfortable home with his friends / family. God called him to pass through the gates of heaven.

“He had a kind heart and he rose from the bottom,” said a friend and former sparring partner, Lockridge Perry Dawes, who spent the last week next to him.

Who is Ricky Lockridge

Ricky “Rocky” Lockridge was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. His big family lived not far from the men’s club, and it was there that he fell in love with boxing. In this club, Lockridge met his idol Muhammad Ali, says one of his family members. Lockridge is also a member of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.

The peak of Rocky Lockridge’s career was his victory over the “invincible” Roger Mayweather in 1984, when he knocked him out with a single blow in the first round. It was Mayweather’s first loss, and Lockridge, having won the fight, won the WRA semi-lightweight world title.A selection of the best rocky punches

Rocky ended his sports career in 1991 with 44 wins, 36 knockouts and 9 defeats in the account. After that, he started having problems with drugs, and he quickly spent three million dollars earned.

Despite Rocky’s sporting fame in the 1980s, he gained worldwide popularity after appearing on the Intervention television show. It talked about drug addicts at the request of their relatives. During the recording of the telecast, the Lockridge family brought him to tears.

The episode with the cry of Lockridge was called “the best scream of all time”, he went to memes.The episode of the television show in which Lockridge participated
When you read a book and your favorite couple converges againWhen you are at work and you realize that you forgot headphones at home

When you accidentally svaypnul left, but you had to the right.
That moment when you realize that the man from this meme died today

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