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You need to urgently change your password. What to put?

Just one bad password can set you up. If it is from the main mail to which iCloud is attached, tomorrow your iPhone will be blocked and a ransom will be demanded. You can still find in “Photo” compromising and persistently blackmail you, it’s even more interesting.

Your complicated but old password of 20 characters will not save either. Even Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Adobe, Flickr and Google periodically crack, and your data is probably in the hands of intruders .

It’s time to change the password urgently. We will tell you which one to choose.

Why such a panic

My e-mail got into all databases of accounts – you need to urgently change your password

2019 did not have time to start, but was already marked by a password drain . In total, more than 900 GB of data have flowed into the network, and these are billions of accounts.

In the hands of intruders, the logins and passwords of every third inhabitant of the Earth, and you can check it with the help of services:

▪️ Is someone spying on you? – from the developers of the Institute Hasso Plattner. 
▪️ BreachAlarm – from the Avalanche technology group. 
▪️ Have I Been Pwned – from the creators of 1Password Password Manager.

These verification tools are recommended by Forbes, The Washington Post, The New York Times. There is no reason not to trust them.

You need to enter an email address. Each of the services immediately or in a couple of minutes will tell you whether your data fell into the hands of intruders, or they were not in the drains.

I recommend to check in all three. Each of them told me that my data was compromised .

Do not put simple passwords, it is stupid

Check 123456 through the password complexity assessment service. He confirms that he is hacked instantly.

At the end of 2018, digital security experts from SplashData published the next top 25 most simple passwords:

1 123456 
2 password 
3 123456789 
4 12345678 
5 12345 
6 111111 
7 1234567 
8 sunshine 
9 qwerty 
10 iloveyou 
11 princess 
12 admin 
13 welcome 
666666 15 abc123 
16 football 
17 123123 
18 monkey 
19 654321 
20! @ # $% ^ & * 
21 charlie 
22 aa123456 
23 donald 
24 password1 
25 qwerty123

Such passwords are used when they want to complete registration faster or do not monitor security.

The sequence of numbers and date of birth, phone numbers and common words, names and surnames, geographical names and email addresses, logins or their parts – all this is checked first of all during hacking .

The most popular password 123456 is constantly used by 3% of users, do not increase their number.

Try to create the most complex password

Check NFnfghrh3o4058mg, j through the password complexity assessment service. He confirms that hacking it is almost impossible.

A complex password is a random combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. Here are 5 examples:

▪️ KFBgvefwefˆ% 623872 
▪️ Fkfkenbhr74bb94949 
▪️ mMHFhfrbf [[048 == – d 
▪ MNFnfedbfh484ofkfm 
▪️ NFnfghrh3o4058mg, j

Each of these passwords needs to be cracked for millions of years. Even the most advanced hackers will not survive as much, so you can be sure of their safety.

To create them, I just beat my fingers on the keyboard in a random order. But it’s better to use the rules that Apple advises to follow:

▪️ The password must contain at least one uppercase letter 
▪️ It must contain numbers 
▪️ You may not enter several identical characters in a row 
▪ The password cannot be the same as the email 
▪ The minimum password length is 8 characters 
▪ The new password must not match old

Apple does not allow the use of old passwords, as they may have already been compromised. If you have one password for all services, and one of them had a leak, you put everything at once at risk.

Here’s how to create a memorable, complex password.

Check M0 $ KVAr0 $ tov01012019 through the password complexity assessment service. He confirms that hacking it is almost impossible.

To create and remember a complex password, you can come up with rules that only you will know.

Step 1. Take the name of the two cities that you love the most: Moscow and Rostov.

Step 2. Now write them together and translit: MoskvaRostov.

Step 3. Let the first city be in capital letters, and the second lower case: MOSKVArostov.

Step 4. Now replace all letters “o” with zeros, and “s” with dollar signs: M0 $ KVAr0 $ tov.

Step 5. Add any meaningful date to the end of the password by dialing numbers: M0 $ KVAr0 $ tov01012019.

You can have any rule for writing a password, but you can even use this set of steps.

To crack such a password, it will take almost 50 quintillion years. It seems that we went too far in its complexity, but this did not prevent us from remembering it.

Check the password for hacking


To check the complexity of passwords, I use the free service HOW SECURE IS MY PASSWORD? .

It shows how long it will take to crack a password, and helps you create a password of optimal complexity : so that it is secure and not too confused.

How to store complex passwords

Turn on the “Keychain” on the iPhone

On Apple devices, the easiest way is to use the Keychain.

With it, you can save to iCloud all the data of Internet accounts, as well as credit card information and Wi-Fi access passwords. All this will be available on all devices on one Apple ID.

On iPhone and iPad: enable in Settings> account> iCloud> Keychain.

On Mac: Enable in System Preferences> iCloud> Keychain.

Keychain works on iPhone and iPad on iOS 7.0.3 and higher, and also on Mac on OS X Mavericks 10.9 and higher.

No one except you can access the information in the “Keychain”. Her data is protected by end-to-end encryption.

And it is also very important that passwords are not duplicated.

Check for duplicate passwords in Keychain on Mac

Checking for duplicate passwords in Keychain is easy. Be sure to do this – repeats are shown here with a special mark with an exclamation mark.

On iPhone and iPad: check in Settings> Passwords and Accounts> Website and Software Passwords.

On Mac: check in Safari> Safari> Settings> Passwords.

If the Facebook account database runs out of network, and your iCloud has the same username and password, you will jeopardize data on the iPhone and other Apple devices.

Believe me, you do not need it.

Moreover, when you register in any new service, “Keychain” will surely offer you a unique, complex password that you can store in it.

Briefly about the main thing


If you do not bother with creating a password, attackers will get it without problems – remember this golden rule. The main thing:

▪️ Periodically change the most important passwords so that they do not fall into the hands of intruders during the drain. 
▪️ Do not use simple passwords that are too easy to crack. 
▪️ Choose a complex password that you can remember – this service will help you . 
▪️ It is best to store complex passwords in special managers. 
▪️ Try not to duplicate passwords or use automatically generated ones.

Just be guided by common sense, and your important data will never fall into the hands of intruders.

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