Woody Allen sued Amazon and demanded payment of $ 68 million. The company refuses to release his film

The director believes that the release is delayed due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Frame from the film “Rainy Day in New York”

On February 8, Woody Allen filed a $ 68 million lawsuit against Amazon Studios, Deadline reported . The lawyers of the director claim that the studio rejected the agreement because of the “unreasonable accusation of 25 years ago”.

Allen started the trial after Amazon decided to postpone the distribution of his film “Rainy Day in New York” (A Rainy Day in New York). The production of the romantic comedy starring Timothy Shalame, Selena Gomez, Jude Law and El Fanning ended more than six months ago, but the studio refuses to distribute the tape. The company has not yet named the release date of the project, in which it invested $ 15 million.

The director claims that the charges against him were known at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Amazon refrained from commenting.

In 2014, the daughter of director Dylan Farrow accused him of sexual harassment and abuse. In 2016, Amazon Studios entered into an agreement with Allen about filming five films and a series . At the same time there were problems with the release of the film Allen’s Wheel of Miracles. The premiere of the picture took place at a time when the director was again under the scrutiny of the public due to the new details of the scandal.

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