Where to find the serial number of the iPhone and Mac

Often, Apple owners need to know the serial number of their device. This may be needed when contacting customer support, for selling or repairing a gadget.

We remind you where to find it.

Where to look for the serial number of the iPhone


1. In the Settings -> General -> About this device , the Serial Number field .

2. When connected to a computer in iTunes ( Overview section ).


3. On the Apple ID account page in the list of connected devices.

4. On the back of the original box there is a sticker with data about the device. There is a serial number of the model.

Where to look for Mac serial number


1. In macOS in the Apple menu – About this Mac (the “apple” icon in the upper left corner).

2. In the System Information application, the number is stored in the Hardware section .

3. On the Apple ID account page in the device list.

4. The MacBook’s serial number is located on the back of the device.

5. All branded Mac boxes are labeled with the device serial number.

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