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The Japanese have collected 5 million old phones and will make of them medals for the Olympics

The Japanese are known for their meticulousness in the collection and recycling of garbage. For the 2020 Olympic Games, the organizing committee promised to collect enough waste electronics to turn it into medals for participants in the Olympics and Paralympics. And now the committee reports that the goal is almost reached.

In total, 47,488 tons of e-waste has been collected so far. Among them are more than 5 million old phones that citizens donated to the reception points of the mobile operator NTT Docomo. Also collection points were located in postal offices and other public institutions.

The purpose of the committee to collect 2,700 kg of bronze was achieved in June last year. By October last year, 93.7% of the target of 30.3 kg of gold was collected, 85.4% of the target of 4100 kg of silver.

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