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Separate glass for Putin

At the presentation of the awards, the young scientists were brought to the president one glass on a separate tray. Twitter suggested it was because of paranoia.

On February 7, Vladimir Putin presented awards to young scientists in the Catherine Hall of the Kremlin. After the awards ceremony, the waiters brought out trays with dozens of glasses of champagne, but the president was separate. In the broadcast of the TV channel Life, this fragment begins at around 19:55.

Life Translation Fragment

RIA Novosti journalists, who work in the Kremlin pool and lead on this account on Twitter, drew attention to a separate glass . Users have suggested that Putin has prepared a separate glass with “proven” champagne, in which there is no poison. Some decided that there was water in the glass.

However, Putin, along with other young scientists drank champagne: in the plot of theFirst Channel it is shown how he clink glasses with the audience.

Fragment from the plot of the First Channel

It is not officially known whether employees of the Federal Protective Service (FSO) check food and drinks for the president. But the media wrote about this several times:

  • For the first time, the cook and the head of the Club des Chefs des Chefs organization, preparing food for world leaders from around the world , spokeabout the fear of the Russian leader before poisoned food in 2012 ;
  • In 2014, an employee of the same organization explained to The Independent that a taster works on the staff of the Russian president;
  • Newsweek also published material on Putin’s daily routine: in particular, on constant checks of food and water for the president of Russia.
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