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Millions of passwords are stolen, among them may be your

Guys, I strongly advise each of you to check your mail, including working. There is a very high chance that it, as well as your logins and passwords, have long since been “lit” and are in the hands of hackers.

Do not believe? Visit any of the two sites (and both are better ):

▪️ BreachAlarm

▪️ Have I Been Pwned

Enter the mail to which you have attached any accounts on the Internet. And wait 15 seconds.

It’s safe, nobody from this suddenly hacks you. The first site has long been known among security experts, and the second one is generally owned by the legendary company 1Password .

Injected? Are you surprised?


Yes, you are hacked . Perhaps a long time.

Both sites will show you for free how many of your login / password bundles have already been stolen. Then you can pay so that in case of the following hacks you will know in advance on which site you need to change the password. And at the same time change it wherever it was repeated.

Here you can decide what to do. I just changed all the passwords that were tied to problem boxes – including on websites, services, and even in applications.

Alas, every day on the Internet hack large and not very sites. There is always a chance that among them will be the one where you registered.

Well, and then the matter of technology: accidentally or intentionally repeated the same password somewhere else, they crack you, demand a ransom, or simply withdraw your account.

No one on the Internet is immune from this. Lomali user base Adobe, Flickr, even Google. So I advise you to check your mail right now , take action.

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