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The US military will burn 2 tons of equipment with secret data. And they will watch it burn

Because it is the most reliable way to delete information.

The US Navy Research Center in New Mexico began searching for contractors who would burn two tons of equipment with secret data. In the center , they worked on directional energy weapons and ground weapons, but now they have decided to get rid of information storage devices.

The application notes that over the years, the military has accumulated about 2 tons of equipment, including magnetic, optical and solid-state drives with very sensitive sensitive information. All devices required to burn “to the ashes.”

The military requires the contractor to establish access control at the facility during the destruction of information. In addition, the premises should be guarded round the clock by armed guards, and inside they should be placed video surveillance with the function of recording the date and time.

Because of the sensitive information on the disks, they will be brought to the place by federal officers accompanied by the military. Government representatives will remain in the building and will oversee the destruction of data. In addition, the contractor should be 10 hours drive from the White Sands missile range.

After signing the contract, the company will have 10 days to start work, but the Navy believes that the whole process will take from 8 to 10 hours. Officials expect to complete the work by September 30.

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